Distribution Manager


Bay City, MI

Industry: Wholesale


11 - 15 years

Posted 155 days ago

  by    Gary Daugenti

This job is no longer available.



Responsible for managing entire distribution operations and functions within an organization.

Primary responsibilities

  • Oversee warehouse operations.
  • Order testing, maintenance, repairs, or replacements for machines.
  • Oversee the transportation of goods from production site to consumer to client.
  • Develop and implement a logistics process.
  • Inventory goods that arrive from manufacturer.
  • Review and approve purchase orders.
  • Ship finished products.
  • Handle incoming raw materials.
  • Ascertain how much freight to place on shipments.
  • Devise routes for shipments.
  • Deploy truck drivers.
  • Monitor progress of major shipments to ensure receipt.
  • Direct the activities of logistics division.
  • Collaborate with marketing executives to ensure that new products reach the right markets at the optimal time.
  • Ensure goods are stored properly and at the right temperature.
  • Conduct market research to learn about the demand for different goods. Convince retailers to carry their products.
  • Determine what goods sell best to commercial businesses and consumers.
  • Decide appropriate quantities of items to stock.
  • Ensure inventory maintains optimal levels.
  • Take orders over the phone, Internet, or through email.
  • Put together catalogues advertising products.
  • Visit retailers to demonstrate products.
  • Negotiate contracts and prices.

  1. Provides leadership for employee relations through effective communications, coaching, training and development.
  2. Provides leadership for problem resolution to facilitate fast improvements and improved working relationships.
  3. Manages material requirements to increase inventory turns and reduce levels on hand.
  4. Ensures compliance with standards for cost control, waste reduction, quality, OSHA, safety, and complete and on-time delivery at the lowest possible cost.
  5. Balances work capacity/loading across the distribution center.
  6. Determines head count needs and ensures compliance with company policies.
  7. Identifies, communicates and drives implementation of capital investments and improvement projects.
  8. Manages compliance with state and federal regulations.


  1. Communication Proficiency.
  2. Leadership.
  3. Problem Solving/Analysis.
  4. Project Management.
  5. Strategic Thinking.

Supervisory Responsibility

This role is responsible for daily supervision of a team of managers, supervisors and administrative personnel (50-plus employees)


Required Education and Experience

  1. Bachelors degree.
  2. 10+ years of leadership experience in a distribution setting.
  3. Strong leadership skills
  4. Stable work history
  5. Proven track record of success

Company will pay for relocation

$99K - $132K