Director Radiology

Lee Memorial Health System   •  

Fort Myers, FL

Industry: Hospitals & Medical Centers


5 - 7 years

Posted 38 days ago

Job Description Accountable for the overall direction// management// and operations of a campus specific radiology department. Directs a staff of professionals and non-professionals. Responsibilities include; financial and budgetary development and monitoring// strategic development and planning// flow of daily operations// policy and procedure development// effective communication within and outside of the department// and management of staff and staff issues. Directs and evaluates departmental projects and strategies. Acts as the departmental representative for various campus or system committees// groups// or task forces. Coordinates or delegates departmental performance improvement and quality control activities. Appropriately delegates duties and responsibilities to qualified departmental personnel. Understands and follows human resources and health system policies and procedures. Coordinates hiring// orienting// developing// coaching// counseling// and terminating of employees. Has 24 hour// 7 days a week accountability. Assumes other roles and responsibilities as directed by the radiology System Director.

Job Requirements

Educational Requirements

Degree/Diploma Obtained Program of Study Required/

Preferred and/or

Additional Requirements

Graduate of JRCERT Accredited or ARRT approved Radiography Program or equivalent. B.S. degree in healthcare related field required (or actively working to complete)

Experience Requirements

Minimum Years Required Area of Experience Required/

Preferred and/or

5 Years Radiology Required and

3 Years Supervisor/Management Required

State of Florida Licensure Requirements

Licenses Required/

Preferred and/or

Radiologic Technology License Required

Additional Requirements

American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) registered (CNMT or ARDMS if applicable) DOH State of Florida - General Radiographer license or other professional license/certification for specific specialty or profession

Certifications/Registration Requirements

Certificates/Registrations Required/

Preferred and/or

ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) Required and

BLS (American Heart Association / Basic Life Support) Required

Job Specifications - General Requirements (has the ability to...)

Sit Continually (Daily)

Stand Continually (Daily)

Drive Frequently (Weekly)

Walk Continually (Daily)

Bend Occasionally (Monthly)





Maintain Balance


Job Specifications - Sensory Requirements (has ability for...)

Far Vision

Near Vision Continually (Daily)

Color Vision

Depth Perception

Seeing Fine Details

Hearing Norm Speech Continually (Daily)

Hearing Overhead Pages Continually (Daily)

Telephone Use Continually (Daily)

Job Specifications - Mental & Emotional Requirements (ability to...)

Cope with high level of stress Continually (Daily)

Make decisions under high pressure Continually (Daily)

Cope with anger / hostility of others in a calm way Continually (Daily)

Manage altercations Continually (Daily)

Concentrate Continually (Daily)

Handle a high degree of flexibility Continually (Daily)

Handle multiple priorities in a stressful situation Continually (Daily)

Work alone Continually (Daily)

Demonstrate high degree of patience Continually (Daily)

Adapt to shift work Occasionally (Monthly)

Work in areas that are close and crowded Frequently (Weekly)

Job Specifications - Hand Manipulation (ability with...)

Simple grasping

Firm Grasping

Fine Manipulation

Use of Key Boards Continually (Daily)

Job Specifications - Required Lifting (ability to lift...)

Up to 10 lbs

11 to 24 lbs

25 to 34 lbs

35 to 50 lbs

51 to 75 lbs

76 to 100 lbs

Over 100 lbs

Job Specifications - Required Pushing/Pulling (ability to push and pull...)

Up to 10 lbs

11 to 24 lbs

25 to 34 lbs

35 to 50 lbs

51 to 75 lbs

76 to 100 lbs

Over 100 lbs

Job Specifications - Environmental (may be exposed to...)

Infectious Diseases Continually (Daily)

Chemical Agents Continually (Daily)

Dust, Fumes, Gases Continually (Daily)

Extremes in Temperature or Humidity

Hazardous or Moving Equipment Continually (Daily)

Unprotected Heights

Loud Noises