Director, Operations - Subsidiary - Cardiology

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Greensburg, PA

Industry: Healthcare


Less than 5 years

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This job is no longer available.


Collaborates with the Practice Administrator, Exec. Dir. & Medical Dir. of the EHMG to plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of EHMG practices; conducts monthly meetings with the leadership of the physician practices, maintains consistency in practice's policies and procedures wherever applicable, ensures compliance with all regulatory agencies, and coordinates performance improvement activities. Oversees performance on payer and EHMG quality metrics such as patient outcomes, cost and utilization and patient satisfaction. Represents Excela Health management at the physician practice level; supports the organizations mission, vision and true north. Utilizes and controls time, material and personnel resources. Initiates, coordinates and administers performance management programs. Delegates work to make efficient use of all resources. Fosters open exchange of information.

1. Regular, consistent, on-site, and timely attendance.
a. Safe Environment
Safety of patients and employees
1. Establishes and maintains a safe working environment; assures staff comply with safety, environmental, and infection control guidelines.
2. Assures proper use of safety equipment and devices; holds individuals accountable if non-compliant.
3. Assures completion of staff competencies including mandatory education and programs relative to job specific criteria.
4. Promptly investigates and resolves Significant Occurrence Reports and incident reports as necessary.

a. Quality of Work
Completion of work without error, customer satisfaction, communication
1. Aligns strategic compass with department goals; writes compelling SMART goals in support of the organization's mission, vision, and values. Helps employees understand importance of aligning goals with Excela Health mission.
2. Equitably and consistently applies and practices policies and procedures for all staff.
3. Practices and encourages staff readiness in compliance with agency regulations and guidelines.
4. Improves CG-CAHPS scores according to fiscal year targets; demonstrates year after year improvement in service to internal and external customers.
5. Responds to client service recovery issues within required time frame and to the satisfaction of the customer.
6. Holds regular department meetings, assuring off shifts and satellite offices receive timely and accurate information.
7. Maintains a daily meeting board for purpose of displaying problem solving activity.
8. Builds and strengthens relations through the fostering of two-way communication; diffuses sources of conflict.
9. Provides opportunities for staff to actively provide input into decision making process; seeks input before decision is made.
10. Encourages commitment of quality work throughout areas of responsibility.

a. Productivity
Volume, patient access
1. Understands and effectively deploys the LEAN tools to streamline work processes, eliminating waste and redundancy while improving productivity.
2. Acts on most urgent tasks; prioritizes and delegates workable systems.
3. Uses critical thinking skills to proactively resolve key issues that are possible de-railers to productivity and engagement.
4. Leads at least one process improvement initiative for department per year; participates in at least one LEAN project per year outside of department.
5. Clearly articulates what is expected of individuals and provides them with the materials and equipment to do their work.

a. Development of individuals at all levels
Compliance, staffing, recognition, talent management, training and development
1. Utilizes employee engagement survey results in carrying out impact plans; demonstrates employee engagement by employee satisfaction results from survey to survey.
2. Establishes performance measures to equitably evaluate staff using objective and job-based criteria; coaches toward compliance and addresses variances.
3. Provides regular feedback, praise, and recognition; rewards accomplishments and results appropriately.
4. Holds staff accountable for consistently modeling the behavioral standards.
5. Identifies, evaluates, and selects internal and external talent, assuring an acceptable fit with Excela Health desired culture; effectively matches right person to right job.
6. Provides opportunities for the education, training, and development of staff to help them reach their highest potential.
7. Offers stretch assignments; creates actionable development plans; encourages learning from setbacks and for future development.
8. Actively supports and participates in succession planning initiatives; identifies high potentials and prepares them for possible future leadership opportunities within Excela Health.
9. Takes responsibility for own professional growth and development; attends required EHA leadership programs; networks with colleagues to seek out best practices
10. Introductory, transfer and periodic appraisals are required to be completed timely adhering to performance management guidelines. All Performance Management (introductory, transfer and periodic appraisals) must be completed in a designated electronic format.

a. Financial Decision Making
Inventory, waste, occupancy, expenses, revenue, budgeting
1. Considers financial impact of decisions; uses financial concepts for decision making; monitors financial performance.
2. Develops and manages department budget at or below budget expectations and consistent with adjusted volume variations.
3. Identifies and implements revenue enhancement opportunities.
4. Seeks opportunities to reduce operating costs while balancing quality resources.
5. Submits timely variance reports that display knowledge of expenses and demonstrates continual plans to reduce variances; operates each year more effectively than one before.
6. Stretches capital resources by extending life of existing assets.
7. Coordinates the selection of vendors through established internal procurement procedures in an effort to drive down supplier costs while maintaining quality standards.

1. Effectively participates and engages in activities to support EHMG Operations.
a. Effectively communicates and models the mission, vision, and philosophy of Excela Health.
b. Conducts an analysis of areas of responsibilities, strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats to define proactive processes and relays this information to the Executive Director for development of organizational strategic plan.
c. Demonstrates responsiveness to the changing healthcare demands and services.
d. Formally develops the leadership skills of the practice managers.
2. Ensures compliance with all regulatory agencies.
a. Coordinates continuous survey readiness, conducts mock surveys at each site.
b. Ensures all policies are in compliance with regulatory standards.
c. Participates on system teams in preparation for surveys and inspections.
3. Coordinates performance improvement activities across the physician practices.
a. Represents physician practices on EHPP quality team.
b. Coordinates performance improvement activities for the physician practices.
c. Assists the physician practices to collect and analyze data and implement performance improvement initiatives.
d. Utilize lean tools to manage practice operations and maximize financial performance.
4. Collaborates with physician office leadership to maintain financial status.
a. Communicates with individual physician office leadership regarding financial performance.
b. Assists office leadership to develop and manage budget.
c. Assists office leadership to identify methods to enhance revenue and/or reduce expenses as appropriate
d. Review and analyze monthly financial reports- identify improvement opportunities
5. Ensures methods of consistent communication with all physician practices
a. Identifies barriers to communication and develops processes to maintain and/or improve communication
b. Promotes communication across all levels of the practices, billing and organization
c. Recognizes the need for a varied leadership style based on the situation and development stage of an individual or group.
6. Organizes and assigns duties to employees relating to:
a. Patient Flow
b. Insurance
c. Payroll
d. Medical Records
e. Appointment Scheduling
f. Billing and Collections
g. Patient Relations
h. Coordination (with physician/s) of clinical activities
i. Staffing

• 3-5 years of progressively more responsibleexperience demonstrating knowledge and expertise in (a) administrative and leadership capacities; (b) management practices and principles; (c) supervision and education of staff in a physician practice environment; and (d) budgeting and operations.

  • Bachelor’s (degree in healthcare, business administration or related field)
  • Preferred:
  • Master’s degree in a related field or actively pursuing coursework toward degree.
  • Healthcare Leadership Certification/Fellowship