Director - Office Of Field Placements And Partnerships

University of Washington   •  

Tacoma, WA

Industry: Education, Government & Non-Profit


Less than 5 years

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This job is no longer available.

1 – Operations and Administrative Responsibilities:

During regular business hours (M-F from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.), this resource will be on site to manage the day-to-day operations of the school's Office of Field Placements and Partnerships. Occasional evening or weekend hours may be required to accommodate candidates' and office needs.

Serve as the main point of contact for students, faculty, staff, and external stakeholders who have questions about field placements and partnerships.

Ensure that field supervisors, mentor teachers, school administration, and other external partners receive accurate and timely communication about field requirements including expectations, announcements, reminders, and follow-up communication as applicable.

Identify field supervisor needs each year. Select, hire and manage all applicable HR processes and paperwork for new field supervisors (teaching associates) as well as returning field supervisors.

Host regular new-hire orientation for new field supervisors, and assist faculty coordinators and the Dean with the annual review and evaluation of field supervisors.

Work with K-12 schools/school districts to identify and select mentor teachers. Provide appropriate orientation and instruction to mentoring adult learners and program requirements to ensure they are successful. Coordinate all required paperwork to ensure stipend payments can be completed timely and accurately by the Office of the Dean.

In collaboration with relevant SOE faculty and staff, regularly update field-placement documents including forms, handbooks, memos, surveys, and website content.

Lead and/or coordinate regular meetings with field supervisors and mentor teachers.

Collaborate with SOE stakeholders (i.e. Assessment Committee Chair, Data Manager, Certification Officer, etc.) on reporting, organizing, and tracking data related to field placements for program assessment, certification requirements, and accreditation needs.

Create and maintain accurate and detailed documents, files, reports, and systems related to field experiences and other required data.

Other operational duties as assigned by the Office of the Dean.

2 - Coordinate and Support TCP Candidates in Field Placements: This position will be responsible for the coordination of field placements for TCP programs, and will support candidates, faculty, field supervisors, and mentor teachers.

Ensure SOE TCP candidates are placed in high-quality placements meeting our accreditation and program requirements.

Ensure that all field placements are secured a timely manner. Communicate placement-related logistics to teacher candidates, as well as field supervisors, mentor teachers, and other relevant SOE faculty and staff.

Serve as the faculty of record for field experience courses, as applicable. Lead or co-lead applicable reflective seminar sessions during the academic year with teacher candidates.

Support the professional development of SOE TCP candidates including TPEP requirements, professional-growth plans, and providing other support such as leading and/or assisting with career fairs and relevant career-preparation workshops.

Lead annual orientations to TCP candidates about the expectations and requirements for entering and successfully completing field placements.

Serve as the main lead and point person to troubleshoot situations in the field where teacher candidates are struggling to meet expectations in their placements; partner with academic advisors and SOE's Graduate Faculty Council to assist with the creation, documentation, and implementation of support plans as needed.

Ensure all assessments and surveys processes related to field placements are communicated to mentor teachers and field supervisors in a timely manner. Review reports from Data Manager to ensure survey requests are being completed as required and follow up as needed.

Coordinate candidate support with the candidate's academic advisors to help ensure continuity between academic and field performance.

Other field placement duties as assigned by the Office of the Dean.

3 – Partnership Development, Evaluation, and Maintenance: In collaboration with the Dean and SOE faculty, this position will help cultivate, develop, maintain, and support partnerships with PK-12 schools and community organizations that share our unique mission and values as articulated in our conceptual framework.

Represent the SOE at PESB and WACTE meetings, and other events/meetings as requested by the Office of the Dean.

In collaboration with the SOE's Leadership Team, make frequent on-site visits to engage in introductory and follow-up discussions about ways for the SOE to collaborate with community partners and districts.

Assist the Office of the Dean with creating, editing, renewing, and revising contracts and MOUs (memoranda of understanding) with current and prospective school partners.

Collaborate with applicable SOE Office of Dean staff (Dean, Data Manager, Enrollment Manager, etc.) to develop partnership planning and strategies.

Other partnership projects as assigned by the Office of the Dean.

4 - edTPA: This position will be responsible for serving as the SOE edTPA coordinator.

Oversee the edTPA requirement for TCP candidates in collaboration with the appropriate faculty and staff.

Assist TCP candidates with edTPA preparation and timely submission as required by the state; includes following up with those students who do not meet deadlines..

Answer questions from faculty, staff, and students, as well as field supervisors and mentor teachers, about edTPA requirements in an accurate and timely manner.

Communicate edTPA requirements to mentor teachers and other relevant external partners.

As requested by the Office of the Dean or TCP faculty, conduct edTPA seminars and workshops for faculty and staff, and/or field supervisors and mentor teachers.

Serve as the SOE's main edTPA liaison to the state. Forward relevant edTPA communication received to stakeholders (faculty, students, academic advisors, etc.)

Create, edit, and update internal documents and handbooks related to the edTPA.

Work with Data Manager to ensure processes and reporting is established to track edTPA submissions.

If not already, become a calibrated scorer of edTPA packages.

Provide oral and written reports and updates on edTPA completion rates, progress, and trends as requested.

Review the edTPA process annually with faculty, and if necessary, make recommendations for changes to the Office of the Dean.

Monitor and sign off on edTPA compliance requirements.

Other edTPA duties as assigned by the Office of the Dean.


A master's degree in Education or related field from an accredited university.

A minimum of 2-3 years of direct supervisory experience preferably in a school setting; however, other supervisory experience will be considered.

Excellent organizational and time-management skills with a proven ability to set and meet demanding deadlines and targets.

Advanced practitioner experience with Microsoft Office applications, specifically, Word and Excel.

Outstanding communication, interpersonal skills, and ability to present information orally and in writing in a clear and succinct manner.

Experience resolving challenging situations in a confidential, professional, and timely manner.

Experience with designing and implementing procedures and policies.

Experience collaborating effectively with stakeholders with diverse needs and perspectives.

The ability to explain and/or train others on navigating complex processes.

A commitment to promoting equity in schools and society.


P-12 administrative and/or teaching experience, preferably in an urban or multicultural setting.

Proven record of accomplishment of successfully partnering with PK-12 public schools.

Experience teaching education courses at the university level.

Experience working with diverse learners and first-generation college students.

Current or recent edTPA scorer.

Familiarity with different learning theories and pedagogies in education.