Director of Leadership Development in Exton, PA

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11 - 15 years

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The Director of Leadership Development leads the RUS Leadership Development team in designing and implementing performance improvement initiatives through leadership training, executive coaching, competency development, manager assimilation, new hire orientation, and other related interventions. Develops, manages and executes a strategic plan for leadership development to accelerate transformation and drive business results. Works with learning partners as required to develop and deliver learning programs. Utilizes existing and emerging technologies to drive engagement and effectiveness of training and performance support initiatives. Builds relationships with functional leaders to ensure alignment with company strategies and priorities. Collaborates with all other functional learning organizations and RCI and RLA training teams to ensure efficient use of resources and alignment in strategy and execution.


  • Works closely with EVP Human Resources to align leadership strategy with overall talent strategy, both regionally and globally
  • Develops RUS leadership development strategy in consultation with executive staff, functional leaders and in collaboration with enterprise, RLA, and RCI training organizations and HR Directors of Workforce Planning, and VP Talent Development:
  • appropriate to RICOH's culture
  • responsive to customer demands and our dynamic operating environment
  • contributing to the accomplishment of the corporate mission, vision, and values and driving execution of business results
  • designed for implementation within the framework of other organizational imperatives
  • leveraging available tools, technologies, and resources
  • ensuring the development and succession of talent within the organization
  • Creates, revises and implements Leadership Development programs:
  • Refine internal programs to meet changing requirements;
  • Identify and promote external programs for Senior Executive development;
  • Establish communities of practice
  • Establish venues for continuous learning
  • Creates, evaluates, revises and implements Management training programs (Recruiting and Hiring, Management Fundamentals, First Time Management, Team Building, Managing Diversity, Transition Leadership, Facilitation/Presentation Skills):
  • Align with operational and tactical management requirements;
  • Establish and measure effectiveness;
  • Leverage technology as appropriate;
  • Ensure that all levels of Management in the organization are being addressed.
  • Works with 3rd party learning partners to develop and deliver learning programs.
  • Evaluates, enhances, and implements behavioral and competency assessments to assess needs and evaluate post-learning effectiveness.
  • Selects and manages external content providers aligned to leadership and enterprise learning.
  • Designs, implements, and maintains assimilation programs for RICOH employees at operational, managerial, and executive levels incorporating:
  • New Hire Orientation and on-boarding processes (employee and management)
  • Organizational navigation and resource identification and utilization
  • Functionally relevant Customer Service Training
  • Culture and Values assimilation (including Code of Ethics training).
  • Develops and implements Executive Coaching and Mentoring programs using blended internal and external resources
  • Certification and deployment of internal executive coaches
  • Identifies and distributes best practices in Leadership Development
  • Implements measurement and reporting processes to evaluate effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.
  • Fosters and maintains relationships with key constituencies (Senior Executives, Functional and field leaders and HR Business Partners and Department Leaders)
  • Benchmarks world-class organizational development strategies and collaborates with executive staff and HR leadership on implementation
  • Participates in corporate and marketing councils and committees as requested.
  • Participates in sales operations, marketing, HR and functional area strategy and development meetings as requested.
  • Builds and maintains a network of learning professionals in other organizations
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

  • Requirements College Degree or equivalent experience required.
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in a related field is required with a minimum of 5 yrs in organization development preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 yrs training experience is required.