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DevOps Engineer: Build and Release in Ottawa, ON



$100K - $150K*


Systems Architecture & Engineering, DevOps & Site Reliability


5 - 7 years

Job Description

Our hosted cloud-based platform combines enterprise communications such as voice, video, mobility, presence, collaboration, and messaging all on a hosted platform.

As a build and release engineer, you will be critical to our continued success and willbe entrusted with the design, integration, and management of the build systemfor the platforms services.

Ideally, you share our passion for system automation, and will continually identify opportunities to further automate the testing & validation of our world-class solutions as well as their integration into our global data centres. An adept expert with Linux and open source applications you take a development approach to managing, orchestrating, and optimizing services at both the operating systems and application services level. Put quite simply, you work hard to ensure that you dont have to do the same task twice.

This is your opportunity to join an exciting business that is poised for significant growth. You

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Valid through: 2020-5-19

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