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The Dean of Students drives the school-wide vision for positive, values-driven culture, is the school-based owner of reactive discipline, and works to ensure that all adults in the school-building uphold the culture vision through consistent implementation of culture systems.

In this role, the Dean of Students provides professional development for teachers on the school's vision for culture, routines, and procedures, coaches teachers who need support executing classroom culture, meets with families and teachers of students who struggle to determine appropriate interventions, and manages the Student Support Advocate/reactive discipline support staff.

Serve as a key member of the school’s leadership team

  • Serves as the acting leader in the building if principals and APs are out for PD
  • Collaborates with assistant principals to coach, teach, and uphold culture in relevant grade levels or departments
  • Monitors school culture data and ensures that the leadership team problem solves culture data

In partnership with the school leader, develop vision for school culture and conducts professional development on the routines, procedures, and structures that support that vision

  • Develop school-wide procedures and routines
  • Develop positive and negative school-wide consequences
  • Conduct professional development on the school's vision for student culture and the corresponding routines, procedures, and consequences

Coach teachers to ensure that all classrooms uphold the school's vision for culture

  • Consistently evaluates where classrooms fall against the school's expectation for culture
  • Conducts real-time teacher coaching for classrooms where teachers are not meeting culture expectations
  • Develops in-depth support plans for teachers for whom RTTC does not succeed as an intervention

In conjunction with grade level chairs, develop a strong school-wide incentive and consequence system

  • Use data to drive strategies for intervention
  • Ensure that classroom consequences are clear, progressive, and communicated consistently to families

Engage families

  • Oversee proactive school-wide family engagement structures (family events, volunteer opportunities, etc.)
  • Create and teach staff to use consistent family communication systems
  • Facilitate family meetings with teachers and families of students who persistently struggle
  • Handle culture-based concerns brought to school leadership by families
  • Communicate with families of our most struggling students on a consistent basis to provide feedback on their performance/progress
  • Attend and support at-risk for retention conferences as needed

Oversee reactive discipline

  • Create and teach clear system for removal and suspension
  • Support the creation of individual behavior plans for students needing additional support
  • Determine the appropriate consequence for students referred to the office
  • Communicate consequences to families when students are referred to the office
  • Spot trends in removals and suspension and work with classroom and support staff to reduce that student's referrals and increase his/her ability to meet the school-wide culture expectations


  • A Masters Degree in Social Work
  • Strong presence and high expectations for all students
  • Strong management and achievement of goals
  • Experience coaching adults strongly preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to invest, impact, and influence
  • Demonstrated leadership and organizational skills and the ability to motivate people
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, able to relate well with students, staff, administration, parents, and the community\