Database Administrator


Madison, WI

Industry: Consumer Electronics


8 - 10 years

Posted 376 days ago

  by    Sriniv Vasulu
  • Description Act as the point of contact and communicate project status to all participants. Liaise with clients to identify and define work requirements, scope, and objectives.
  • Ensure the clients' needs are met as the project evolves. Ensure standards and requirements are met through conducting quality assurance tests.
  • Coordinate physical changes to computer databases; codes, tests, and implements physical database, applying knowledge of database management system.
  • Design logical and physical databases reviews description of changes to database design to understand how changes to be made affect physical data base (how data is stored in terms of physical characteristics, such as location, amount of space, and access method).
  • Establish physical database parameters. Codes database descriptions and specify identifiers of database to database management system or direct others in coding database descriptions.
  • Calculate optimum values for database parameters, such as the amount of computer memory to be used by database, following manuals and using a calculator.
  • Specify user access level for each segment of one or more data items, such as insert, replace, retrieve, or delete data.
  • Specify which users can access databases and what data can be accessed by the user.
  • Tests and corrects errors, and refines changes to the database.
  • Enter codes to create production data base. Selects and enters codes of utility program to monitor database performance, such as the distribution of records and amount of available memory.
  • Direct programmers and analysts to make changes to the data base management system.
  • Reviews and corrects programs. Answers user questions.
  • Confer with coworkers to determine the impact of data base changes on other systems and staff cost for making changes to data base.
  • Modify data base programs to increase processing performance, referred to as performance tuning. Workers typically specialize in one or more types of data base management systems. May train users. Implement business rules via stored procedures, middleware, or othertechnologies.
  • Develop and implement data extraction procedures from other systems, such as administration, billing or claims. Develop or maintain standards, such as organization, structure, or nomenclature, for the design of data warehouse elements, such as data architectures, models, tools, and databases.
  • Develop or maintain standards, such as organization, structure, or nomenclature, for the design of data warehouse elements, such as data architectures, models, tools, and databases.
  • Create plans, test files, and scripts for data warehouse testing, ranging from unit to integration testing. Create or implement metadata processes and frameworks.
  • Follow proper project management methodology to lead the project.
  • Qualification Rating Must Have Administration - Project Management Ability and willingness to understand and execute the department's project management methodology.
  • No Participation in project management methodologies including experience with 'agile' methods. 0 Yrs. General Competencies Ability to meet project deadlines.
  • False Information TechnologyExperience in project planning and 0 Yrs.
  • Knowledge of project management, conflict resolution, and incident escalation. And 0 Yrs.
  • Information Technology - Database Design Database Tuning and Maintenance to assure the highest level of system availability and performance and 10 Yrs.
  • Information Technology - Databases Ability to navigate and query a relational database (Oracle) to both develop reports and 10 Yrs.
  • Create database objects * and 10 Yrs. Database design * and 10 Yrs. Database links and multiple database instances * and 10 Yrs.
  • Database monitoring tools and 10 Yrs. Databasesecurity* and 10 Yrs. Experience in Data Conversion projects and 0 Yrs.
  • Leading database design reviews and enforcing standards and 10 Yrs. Logical database design and 10 Yrs.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2003 and 2005 0 Yrs. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2012*2 Yrs.
  • MS SQL Server and 6 Yrs. MS SQL Server Enterprise Mgr. and 6 Yrs. Oracle * and 10 Yrs. Oracle; Knowledge of Oracle including stored procedures and SQL Tuning * 0 Yrs.
  • Oracle 10g (Oracle DB and tool set) * 0 Yrs.
  • Oracle databasesecurity, synonyms, roles, privileges * and 10 Yrs. Oracle data dictionary views * and 6 Yrs. Oracle PL/SQL unit testing * and 6 Yrs. Oracle SQL tuning * and 6 Yrs. Physical database design and 10 Yrs. SQL Server and 10 Yrs.
  • Working knowledge of SQL Server T-SQL and 6 Yrs. Information Technology - Design Database logical design and 6 Yrs.
  • Information Technology - Languages/Tools Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2 Yrs. PL / SQL and 2 Yrs.
  • SSAS and 2 Yrs. SSIS and 2 Yrs. SSRS and 2 Yrs. Information Technology - Testing Performance testing and 6 Yrs.
$90K - $100K