Cyber Exercise Scenario models simulation

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Fort Meade, MD

Industry: Professional, Scientific & Technical Services


5 - 7 years

Posted 56 days ago

Job Description:
Assist with the Main Planning and Final Planning Conferences and with development of the following:
Scenario overviews, Road to War for the event, and daily event battle rhythm for Cyber exercises (CDRL A003)

Guidance documentation (e.g. Trusted Agent and Players guides) codifying the various aspects of the exercise that have been developed at planning conferences as well as delineating exercise specifics such as training objectives, daily schedules, Operations Orders, position requirement input to the Joint Manning Document (JMD), exercise Rules of Engagement (ROE), and lexicon and terms

Exercise floor-plans to include equipment, network, and floor plan design when necessary and, ideally, accommodating multiple venues

Assist with Development of Fragmentary Order (FRAGO) documents that assign responsibilities and tasking for the entire exercise execution process, establish clear lines of communication, ensure a better understanding of assignments, and communicate expectations for exercise execution

Assist with designing, developing, and maintaining a registration website or portal (Website/Portal) to register exercise participants and observers as approved by the Government and, ideally, with the ability to accommodate partner countries

Website/Portal shall be hosted by the USCYBERCOM/J6 (J6) on the unclassified network (e.g. NIPRNET). The J6 shall specify the software to be used for the Website/Portal and obtain all necessary use rights and licenses for same.

Gather requirements from the J6 and J7 for the exercise registration Website/Portal (CDRL A003).
Provide tailored logistical and administrative support to the scope of the event including a registration website designed tocollect required participant information such as name, organization, security clearance, and dates of attendance, and protect Personal Identifying Information (PII) as required herein, by the Privacy Act, and other governing documents

Assist with designing, developing, and maintaining a secure Website/Portal to host all exercise information, which may include the following as approved by the Government: Overview, Agenda, Speakers Information, Travel Information, and Registration

The Website/Portal shall include a password-protected admin link to access up-to-date registration information on the secure site.

Collect all required information for the Website/Portal through the registration page to expedite the security clearance process and provide the exercise Special Security Office (SSO) with all necessary information to process clearances.

Provide daily updates of registration information during event execution in formats approved by the Government.

Assist with developing and maintaining a SharePoint site on the local exercise network for the Exercise Control Group (ECG) and Assessors
Assist with developing and documenting the local exercise network design, including assisting with the purchase of specialty equipment needed to satisfy exercise-specific training objectives and topology (CDRL A003)

The network design shall include telephone, VOIP, and VTC support and needs.
Provide logistical and administrative exercise support to include exercise participant registration check-in, accountability control, visitor control, and briefing

Required Skills:
• Bachelors degree
• Five (5) to twelve (12) years of relevant experience in managing programs and contracts and/or task orders of similar scope, type, and complexity within the DOD or Intelligence Community.
At least one (1) year of demonstrated experience in conducting resource allocation, project costing, deliverable tracking, schedule and financial data monitoring, and reporting.