Co-Head of Wellness

Next Jump, Inc   •  

New York, NY

Industry: Technology


5 - 7 years

Posted 26 days ago

is the leading B2B loyalty and rewards programs for Fortune1 companies, partnering with over 30, brands whose access extends to 90, consumers. Whether working with people outside or inside of the company, Next Jump is in the business of . Next Jump employees (NxJumpers) have the opportunity at any level of position to test new things and collaborate cross-departmentally to grow their programs, products and themselves as people."

Position Description

We're looking for a Registered Dietitian, Physical Therapist, or Mental Health Profession to join our current Director of Corporate Wellness to work full-time with us, to upgrade our extensive health and wellness programs, and who can help scale our programs to our F1 and Biz 2 clients.

Next Jump lives by a simple formula, which the ideal candidate should be able to help other companies live by: (invest in the self, so that) + (one can invest in others, such that) = Better US (the world becomes a better place). The ideal candidate will be able to implement new policies, test new Better ME and Better YOU programs, and improve and develop the current health and wellness program using his or her professional expertise.

We are particularly looking for someone to help co-lead our mind-body programs. Next Jump spent 22 years developing elite sleep, nutrition and fitness programs. In this current iteration of our wellness program, we aspire to continue to build programs to strengthen both the mind and body. Why just go to the gym to work on your body when you can address two birds with one stone.


- R.D. or Masters Degree in Wellness or Health-Related Field

- At least 5-7 years experience leading a global wellness program w/proven goals & benchmarks

- A comprehensive understanding of the wellness industry with regards to the corporate world

Key Responsibilities

  1. Develop and maintain innovative ways to promote physical and mental health in the workplace and convey information of interest to employees
  2. Work inter-departmentally to help develop, evaluate, and introduce messaging and copy, as determined by business lead with input from Strategic Teams.
  3. Work with PR Team, Human Capital, EPP, and Select Engineering Teams
  4. PR team role, working with CEO Office
  5. Drive and manage Awards program
  6. Manage partnerships with relevant awards organizations
  7. Edit and drive company communications via Buzz at All-Hands (PR and Fitness)
  8. Edit and drive copy for various internal departments
  9. Edit and drive copy for various external: MIX Prize, HBR, HuffPost
  10. Serve as company communicator (writing and/or spokesperson) and community liaison when media or PR opportunities arise
  11. Media work commonly includes phone interviews for print, written contributions for articles and online social media, and company presentations
  12. Community work may include American Heart Association meeting participation, Greater NY Dietetic Association meetings, nutrition conferences and workshops, and attending/partnering with other organizations
  13. Keep abreast of new developments and trends in the field of health, nutrition and wellness to keep company relevant and up-to-date
  14. Attend annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics conference and exposition
  15. Attend annual Health & Wellness symposium
  16. Seek relevant continuing education opportunities
  17. Monitor current media coverage on nutrition, health and wellness
  18. Manage special projects identified as being PR or Health-related
  19. Employee counseling role when health-related (or other) issues arise


$80K - $100K