Chief Innovation Officer


New York, NY

Industry: Education.


8 - 10 years

Posted 191 days ago

  by    Jon Harnett

This job is no longer available.

Our client is a global network of award-winning schools with almost 60 years of experience in managing and operating schools. They provide high-quality holistic education to almost 200,000 students from over 150 countries and employs over 15,000 education professionals, specialists and staff.


Job Summary 


The Chief Innovation Officer is responsible for product and new business development through the implementation and management of strategic short-term and long-term plans that will drive and grow the business. The Chief Innovation Officer is also responsible for developing and managing the information technology strategy, vision, organization, processes, infrastructure and services for the organization. This will include the strategic use of technology within our company and schools in order to enhance academic quality, program growth, market expansion, and student and staff needs. In addition, the Chief Innovation Officer is also responsible for monitoring research and development of other organizations to spot trends in innovation and supplement research findings within the company?s industry.


Main Responsibilities

  • Formulates effective new ideas and innovative strategies for product development, marketing, branding, and business opportunities.
  • Screens potential business opportunities by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, and financials; evaluates options; resolves internal priorities; recommends equityinvestments.
  • Recognizes promising ideas and finds ways to introduce them into the company?s future plans and discards ideas that are ineffective, costly, or beyond the scope of the company?s mission or abilities to develop.
  •  Plans and manages all academic, administrative, and research information technology including system and software acquisitions, network design and implementation, and the delivery of information technology service in classroom technology, studentsupport, and administrative functions.
  • Provides institutional leadership in addressing technology and its impact on and support for the teaching, learning, research and administrative processes in the educational environment.
  • Develops, implements, and evaluates a comprehensive strategic IT plan for the company, aligning operational IT goals with the objectives of the educational mission.
  • Encourages creative thinking in employees and finds ways to nurture innovative thinking across all areas of the company.
  • Follows customer responses to new ideas, tracks and analyzes the success of new products or services and responds to customer questions or concerns.
  • Evaluates the progress of innovation and adjusts the pace or direction of new projects in accordance with the company?s short-term and long-term strategic goals.  
  • Directs all aspects of information technology academic, administrative, and research functions, including the data and voice networks, software systems in mainframe, server and personal computer environment, IT support for all staff, participation in Enterprises Research Planning (ERP) initiatives, telecommunication services, and IT security.
  •  Ensures an integrated approach to all internal computing, media, and communications technology services, develops policies and procedures based on best practices, and oversees the financial management for the Information Technology Department. 


  • A master?s degree in a related field.
  • Seven to ten years of experience in the leadership and management of an information technology environment within an educational setting. Additional experience in marketing, research and development, product development, and strategy development is required.
  • An understanding of instructional techniques and a desire to enhance teaching and learning through the application of educational technologies.
  • Should be familiar with emerging technologies and new trends and applications of information technology in education, as well as best practices in the management of information technologies, systems, analysis, design and presentation.
  • Outstanding communication skills, including the ability to express complex technology concepts in a clear, concise manner.
  • Must be able to collaborate with executives, creative teams, research and development, and product development teams.

$150K - $250K