Chief Financial Office (Must have Hospital CFO Experience)


King City, CA

Industry: Healthcare


8 - 10 years

Posted 9 days ago

  by    Karen Porter

Pay Range: $182,000 -$235,000 


Employment type: Executive, full-time, permanent


Reports To:  CEO


Job Description: 


  • Directs, supervises and coordinates functions and activities assigned to areas of responsibility. Consults with and advises the Hospital Chief Executive Officer on problems related to the financial operation of the Hospital: recommends changes in policy, facility operations of the Hospital and programs to achieve the Hospital's objectives. Provides leadership, direction and administration of Hospital financial systems. Develops and implements solutions to areas of need as identified by the Hospital Chief Executive Officer relative to the operation of the total hospital or assigned operational areas.
  • Work projects are completed in accordance with established time frames.
  • Demonstrates the ability to research all aspects of projects; presents results in an organized, concise report of findings.
  • Effectively adjusts daily schedule as required to perform urgent assignments or special projects.
  • Assists in Administration and coordination of hospital activities.
  • Executes job duties to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.
  • Performs duties independently with minimal supervisionrequired.
  • Demonstrates effectiveness in consulting and advising the Hospital Chief Executive Officer.
  • Recommends changes in administrative policies and procedures, which consistently result in more effective Hospital operations.
  • Regularly reviews areas of operational assignment against TJC standards and policies established by the Board of Trustees.
  • Recommends strategies or changes, which meet Hospital objectives, accreditation and/or licensing requirements.
  • Demonstrates a thorough knowledge and understanding of Hospital operations; consistently demonstrates knowledge of the "why" as well as the "how" of Hospital operations.
  • Follows through on matters requiring attention.
  • Combines ethical judgment with technical skills within the policy and legal guidelines of the Hospital; understands the legal, social, economic and political forces which influence the health care system.
  • Directs the Hospital's long and short term financial planning process.
  • Develops and implements financial policies and programs, which will assist in the achievement of financial objectives.
  • Produces timely financial statements for appropriate management staff, which, accurately identify performance and potentially suggest corrective action.
  • Develops, manages and implements the capital and operational budgeting processes.
  • Maintains working expertise in the knowledge of changing accounting standards such as FASB and AICPA rulings and government regulations.
  • Establishes key financial goals, operational performance ratios, and other measures against which the Hospital's financial performance can be monitored and measured. Coordinate the activities of the Hospital's cost analysis efforts.
  • Assists CIO in the development of the reimbursement process.
  • Coordinates the activities of external auditors to assure timely and efficient completion of audits.
  • Functions as a member of the Administrative Team and presents/interprets monthly financial statements.
  • Responds to anticipated economic trends or regulatory changes by recommending strategies which facilitate the achievement of financial objectives.
  • Provides required information for evaluation through the planning process.
  • Applies appropriate financial principles and accepted accounting standards in preparation and maintenance of the financial planning process.
  • Provides a broad base of services to support the financial integrity of the Hospital.
  • Scrutinizes areas of under-utilized capacity and overhead; identifies methods of increasing utilization or reducing overhead as appropriate.
  • Demonstrates positive interpersonal relations with constituents; cooperates harmoniously with others in the planning and accomplishment of the Hospital's strategic goals and objectives.
  • Provides guidance and understanding to staff, management, Physicians, Board of Trustees and the public regarding the Hospital's financial process and accountability.
  • Provides appropriate response and actions to anticipated or recognized misunderstanding or misinterpretation of financial data.
  • Directs and participates in the development and execution of appropriate strategies and action plans to implement effective integration of Hospital fiscal services with other hospital departments, entities and public.
  • Demonstrates the ability to effectively resolve inter-and intra-department problems related to the financial process.
  • Answers inquiries in a comprehensive, accurate and professional manner
  • Coordinates the efforts of assigned organizational areas to achieve teamwork objectives with other work areas, staff and the medical community.
  • Assumes personal responsibility for professional development and ongoing education.
  • Actively works at developing excellent verbal and written skills necessary for effective communication.
  • Actively maintains professional affiliations to enhance professional growth and development and to remain current with the latest trends in Hospital administration.  
  • Seeks opportunities to refine expertise in management, legal aspects of health care and other relevant areas, as necessary, to function effectively in assigned areas.
  • Attends relevant seminars and completes continuing education courses as appropriate; discusses personal educational objectives with the Hospital Chief Executive Officer on a regular basis.
  • Is eligible for active membership in professional associations.
  • Remains current with national and local issues affecting hospital and their potential impact on assigned areas.



  • Demonstrates the ability to respond to changing circumstances in a manner so as to maximize the opportunity and minimize the problem.
  • Acts decisively and takes effective action appropriate to the circumstances, as required.
  • Demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of the pressures, stress and frustrations experience by hospital managers during the course of their work routines; delegates sufficient authority to enable department managers to oversee their responsibilities within assigned areas; promotes a sense of value and feeling of appreciation.
  • Strives to provide motivation and challenges, which encourage consistent growth and development of staff members; recognizes and rewards exceptional performance; creates and implements performance incentives.
  • Encourages department managers to recognize and utilize every opportunity to improve productivity efforts within their assigned responsibility areas; fosters a total managerial commitment to the improvement of productivity at every possible level.
  • Consults with department managers on a regular basis to keep lines of communication open, to maintain positive staff morale and maintain a productive atmosphere.
  • Identifies potential leaders and assists in developing a Hospital succession plan.
  • Supervises assigned department managers in a firm, fair and objective manner; provides direction as necessary; leads by professional example.
  • Provides direction in serious disciplinary situations; acts as a resource to department managers in reviewing disciplinary processes.
  • Demonstrates a proactive attitude and seeks to provide support and resources in major decision making.
  • Develops and maintains teamwork among assigned departments by fostering understanding and support between department managers.
  • Demonstrates the necessity for assigned departments to accept and practice the policies and procedures of the Hospital
  • Encourages department managers to solicit staff participation and input into the Hospital/department communication and decision-making process.
  • Demonstrates the ability to capitalize on individual department manager's unique strengths.
  • Exhibits responsiveness to others in the organization at all levels (e.g., returning telephone calls, meeting punctuality, maintaining availability to meet, etc.).
  • Ensures that assigned managerial and supervisory personnel are provided the resources to take advantage of educational opportunities in relevant responsibility areas.
  • Keeps assigned department managers informed of hospital activities, needs, problems and administrative matters.
  • Develops standards of performance, determines areas of responsibility and accountability and delegates authority, utilizing appropriate judgment and discretion
  • Provides direction and policy interpretation to department managers in managing their responsibility areas; offers advice in handling special operational matters and administrative concerns.
  • Evaluates the performance of assigned department managers to facilitate their professional development and maximize their contribution towards established hospital goals.
  • Contributes to and participates in various inter-disciplinary committees, as assigned. 



  • Degree in Business Administration with accounting emphasis- required
  • CPA - highly desirable



  • Work experience in a California acute care hospital
  • Experience with Critical Access Hospitals
  • Experience with Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Experience with Medicare Cost Reporting
  • Experience with Medicaid



  • Demonstrated in depth knowledge and experience in managing general accounting, patient accounting, budgeting, reimbursement, management information systems, materials management, utilization review and medical records system.
  • Familiarity with financial and patient care information systems, within a highly computerized organization.
$182K - $235K