Business Process Mapping Consultant


Salt Lake City, UT

Industry: Technology


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  by    Zaid Memon

This job is no longer available.


• Identify and document workflow processes at an appropriate level of detail and in a consistent format across division.

• Provide feedback on how to streamline existing processes to increase process efficiency.

• Educate employees on Business Process terminology, modeling, symbols, and workflow

• process documentation.

Activities include:

• Review and validate existing documentation and workflows activities/tasks,

• Interview, observe, etc., to effectively identify and decompose process information,

• Facilitate collaborative diagramming meetings to document and validate current work processes,

• Recommend revisions to identified processes, sub-processes, and activities/tasks,

• Recommend on the optimal level of detail for process mapping activities/tasks,

• Hold debrief meeting with each division,

• Submit draft workflows as each is complete, for review and approval.

Work Details:

• Identify, label and document the high-level process and sub-processes identified in each deliverable.

• Identify, label and document "shared" workflows cross departments and divisions.

• Identify the events (aka triggers) that cause a process to begin, end, or to be redirected to another path or process.

• Identify gateways (decisions that could change the path of the process depending on conditions or events).

• Identify and document the activities/tasks for each "step" in the workflow.

• Identify and document loop backs (aka repeats) and indicate why.

• Identify inputs, outputs, and dependencies for each activity/task.

• Identify current state applications, forms, checklists, tools, etc. used for each activity/task.

• Identify activity/task "rules" and "exceptions".

• Identify Participants by Department, Division and Title currently performing each activity/task.

• Identify step/task times (minimum and maximum) once started (i.e. not sitting in the queue).

• Date all documents.

• Recommend (as appropriate) future state "needed" forms, checklists, etc. for an activity/task.

• Propose changes to current business process in line with best practices (i.e. identify missing steps, steps that are duplicates/redundant that we can eliminate, better way to sequence step than the order in which we currently perform them

Scoring Criteria:

  • Ability to train employees 25%
  • Must be onsite full-time 5%
  • Ability to demonstrate experience of problem solving for processes 20%
  • Ability to work in a team environment with all levels of management to provide collaborations in process improvements 20%
  • Cost 30%
  • Total 100%

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