Area Ministry Director, Focus Area Ministry Director

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This job is no longer available.


To advance the mission and purpose of InterVarsity as noted above, an Area Director has significant shared leadership with the Regional Ministry Director within a region and has spiritual leadership and pastoral supervisory responsibility.

An Area Ministry Director leads and oversees a ministry team to plant and to grow witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus on college and university campuses. Through these groups, we believe ever-increasing numbers of students and faculty from all ethnic groups and areas of the campus will be transformed by the gospel. We expect to see campuses increasingly become places where people, ideas, and structures flourish for the common good and to the glory of God. We confidently anticipate that our InterVarsity alumni will be growing disciples and change agents across the country and around the world.

The Focus Area Director has full responsibilities in leading and supervising a focused ministry team to fulfill InterVarsity’s Vision of spiritual transformation, campus renewal and developing world changers. It applies to a limited number of areas of focused ministry among students and/or faculty, including: arts, athletes, ethnic/ multiethnic/cross-cultural ministry, ISM, Greek, faculty, evangelism, prayer, spiritual formation, training, urban projects, strategic ministry, and fund development.


  1. 1. Personal Spiritual Duties ?

As an Area Ministry Director, you pursue maturity as a disciple of Jesus Christ so that your life and work increasingly reflects a growing love for God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world. To do this, you will:

  • Pursue a vibrant relationship with the triune God through engagement with Scripture, prayer, and worship, both individually and in community ?
    • Exercise self-leadership (growing in self-awareness, self-management, relational integrity, and resiliency)
    • Embrace and practice Scriptural standards for behavior and attitudes, including those described in the Code of Conduct
    • Experience and live out an ongoing call to ministry service with InterVarsity and its mission

  1. 2. Campus Ministry Leadership ?

As an Area Ministry Director, you inspire, coach and develop ministers, students, faculty, and ministry partners to increase the number of witnessing communities, as well as the size, health, spiritual maturity, and campus-wide influence of existing witnessing communities by being a:


Visionary Guide:?

  • Create a culture of dependence on God to gain vision for establishing and advancing witnessing communities that reach every corner of every campus in your area
  • Assess reality of context and then develop and articulate a vision for qualitative and quantitative growth, particularly in conversions, disciples and leaders
  • Model InterVarsity’s vision and Core Values for supervisees

Structural Architect:?

  • Lead your ministry team to develop and implement plans to achieve ministry goals
  • Adapt the plan as needed through rhythms of action, reflection and evaluation
  • Develop, align and leverage programs and structures to move the mission forward

Missional Developer:?

  • Recruit a diversity of qualified minister candidates
  • Develop ministers to spiritually grow in Christ in intimacy, like Christ in character, and with Christ in his mission to current and new campuses
  • Develop ministers professionally so that they are consistently increasing their gifts and skills as ministry leaders
  • Pastoral Supervision of ministers, using appropriate leadership style for the individual and situation, to help them accomplish assigned tasks. This will require coaching, assessing, correcting and affirming job-related.
  • Assess how racial, ethnic, national background, and gender shapes perceptions and behaviors for you and your staff, and proactive engage in healthy relationships and effectivework withdiverse communities
    • Build an effective ministry team that collaborates well and accomplishes goals

3. Organizational Collaboration

As an Area Ministry Director, you are part of a national organization and work in partnership with local, area, divisional, regional, and national InterVarsity ministers and volunteers.

  • Participate on the regional leadership team as required or requested to set ministry vision and strategies, contribute to accomplishing the team’s plans, and provide regional leadership in specific areas ?
  • Positively and constructively respond to the direction and coaching of line supervisors?
  • Build productive ministry partnerships with regional and national collaborative leaders
  • Establish systems, processes and protocols to fulfill regular operational and administrative tasks in a timely manner (reporting, finances, human resources, etc.)
  • Become familiar with and comply with all InterVarsity policies and procedures ?
  1. 4. Ministry Partnership Development (MPD)?

As an Area Ministry Director, you will develop a team of partners who will resource the ministry financially, in prayer, or with volunteer service that advances the mission.

  • Serve as an ambassador of InterVarsity to individual ministry partners and churches, through prayer, discussion of ministry efforts, mission, and accomplishments
  • Develop and maintain a ministry among partners who will fund InterVarsity
  • Ensure ministry budget is fully funded
  • Supervise each minister’s MPD (collaborating with coaches when applicable) and equip staff to build ministry partners
  • Build resource networks with alumni, volunteers, churches, advocacy councils, and major donors, in particular to fund low-network ministers
  • Communicate regularly with ministry partners
  • Maintain sound financial status of the area through management of budgeting, expense control and MPD
  • Represent InterVarsity within the broader Christian community

  1. 5. Accomplish all other assigned tasks as appropriate ?



Grows in Spiritual Maturity: Area Ministry Director demonstrates a vibrant and deepening relationship with Christ and is growing in both self-and social-awareness.

Demonstrates Cross-Cultural Skills: Area Director accurately assesses how their racial, ethnic, and national background shapes their perceptions and behavior, and they engage in healthy relationships and effective work with diverse communities.

Leading Others

Communicates Compellingly: Area Ministry Director invites, mobilizes and equips others through clear, compelling communication skills.

Strategic Planning: Area Ministry Director creates, implements and delivers on plans with quantitative and qualitative goals to accomplish the vision.

Navigating Change Dynamics: Area Ministry Director leads team through key steps of a change process and shepherds the learner dissonance in the midst of change.

Coaches Leaders: Area Ministry Director equips diverse individuals and teams in their leadership development and performance.

Team Development: Area Ministry Director creates a cohesive team collectively responsible for achieving commonly-held ministry outcomes and manages planning processes.

Partnering with Others

Strengthens Team Partnerships: Area Ministry Director demonstrates respect in professional relationships, complies with operational requirements, and contributes positively to the experiences and tasks of their teams

Develops Ministry Partners: Area Ministry Director develops a growing number of partners who pray, fund, and volunteer to advance the ministry.


  • Annually affirm InterVarsity’s Statement of Agreement (Doctrinal Basis and Purpose Statement). Abide by InterVarsity’s Code of Conduct. Believe and behave consonantly with InterVarsity’s Human Sexuality Theological Paper. Affirm and behave consonantly with InterVarsity’s “Women in Ministry Statement of Affirmation” ?
  • Bachelor’s degreerequired Biblical training a plus.
  • Ongoing call to ministry service with InterVarsity and its mission
  • Minimum three years campus ministry or equivalent work experiencerequired
  • Strong ministry skills (including the ability to communicate spiritual vision, teach spiritual and biblical principles, plan ministry programs, and spiritually disciple, coach and mentor)
  • Proven ability to work well with others and the ability to develop a team of campus ministers.
  • Strong interpersonal skills (including ability to minister to diverse ethnic communities and faculty) ?
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills ?
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills ?
  • Familiarity with word processing, presentation, email, and spreadsheet software ??