Area Credit Manager

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Fresno, CA

Industry: Media


5 - 7 years

Posted 56 days ago


Reporting to the Regional Credit Manager, the Area Credit Manager is responsible for directing all credit and collection activities of the designated credit area within the credit organization. The Area Credit Manager performs responsibilities in accordance with established policies and procedures.  The policies and procedures must be performed in a manner that will result in maximum sales, sound receivables and their prompt conversion to cash.

This position will be based out of Fresno, California.


Key Tasks:

  • Ensure policies, practices and procedures are followed.
  • Maintain responsibility for applying corporate credit and collection policies and procedures to the credit requirements of a designated number of customer accounts within specified dollar limits and normal credit lines.
  • Utilize credit reporting services to compile reports related to the credit history of potential customers.
  • Establish credit lines for individual accounts making all credit arrangements in accordance with established company policy and terms.
  • Analyze requests for credit in order to ascertain what information will be required to arrive at a sound decision.
  • Plan investigations to be performed personally or by others.
  • Assign assistants or administrators to obtain data on present and prospective customers.
  • Review assembled files and reports, analyze financial statements and supplementary information, make any further investigation and contacts required, evaluate the credit risk, and approve or reject accounts completing analysis summaries.
  • Maintain loan documentation files and monitors compliance.
  • Handle credit beyond subordinates’ authority, major accounts requiring individual attention, marginal accounts, problem accounts, special credit arrangements, and deviations from standard.
  • Consult immediate superior for advice on particularly complex problems and cases requiring deviation from established policy.
  • Handle non-routine credit inquires and correspondence.
  • Plan and maintain a program for the systematic follow-up and collection of receivables.
  • Monitor the financial position of established accounts, and addresses irregularities as they arise.
  • Review regularly the status of collections to assure that accounts receivable are in reasonably sound condition.
  • Check monthly balances of customer accounts. When records indicate that the customer may be exceeding safe limits take appropriate steps to prevent past-due accounts.
  • Follow closely the course of aging accounts and determine action to be taken personally or by assistants on delinquent accounts.
  • Represent the company at creditors’ meetings and bankruptcy proceedings of customers.
  • Consult with superior, general manager, or both on particularly complex collection situations requiring unusual action.
  • Obtain approval from immediate superior on the acceptance of notes, compromise settlements, and extreme time extensions.
  • Arrange for forced collections and the filing of suits or bankruptcy claims.
  • Supervise procedures related to use of collateral, lien instruments, UCC-1’s, and notes.
  • Process bad-debt charge-offs in a timely manner.
  • Oversee processing of accounts receivable and take appropriate action on collection irregularities, unearned discounts, clearance of finance charges, adjustments, corrective billing, credit memorandums, and customer inquires.
  • Communicates with customers to resolve problems and negotiate payment schedules for delinquent accounts.
  • Recommend and implement methods of loan business solicitations.
  • Supervise or handle collection correspondence.
  • Carry out the established program for controlling the credit function.
  • Prepare and submit operating reports to immediate superior on the status of accounts receivable.
  • Appraise the results of assistants and administrators; take or recommend remedial action as required.
  • Train staff, interpret credit policy, and give instruction in credit communication to new employees.
  • Other duties as assigned.

The Ideal Candidate

Outside of the skills and necessary qualifications, our ideal candidate must be committed to achieving superior results with integrity and sustaining our safe and positive work environment while having the ability to embrace working side by side others in a diverse culture. 





  • Internal:
    •  Acts as staff liaison, and establishes consultative relationships with marketing, purchasing, legal, data processing, personnel, and other departments concerned with administration and credit and collection operations. Coordinate the internal relationship of subordinates at appropriate levels.
  • External:
    • Initiate, develop, and maintain relationships with customers, financial institutions, services agencies, trade groups, credit organizations, attorneys, and others in the designated area of activity.


  • Bachelor Degree in Business/Accounting/Financing or related field.
  • 5 years Commercial lending experience preferably agricultural lending and/or trade finance experience with approval authority.
  • 2018-7643