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Applications Developer & Systems Analyst Ii at Fermi National Accelerator Lab in Batavia, IL

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Valid through: 12/8/2021

About Fermi National Accelerator Lab

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, located just outside Batavia, Illinois, near Chicago, is a United States Department of Energy national laboratory specializing in high-energy particle physics. Since 2007, Fermilab has been operated by the Fermi Research Alliance, a joint venture of the University of Chicago, and the Universities Research Association. Fermilab is a part of the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor.

Fermilab's Tevatron was a landmark particle accelerator; until the startup in 2008 of the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, it was the most powerful particle accelerator in the world, accelerating protons and antiprotons to energies of 980 GeV, and producing proton-proton collisions with energies of up to 1.96 TeV, the first accelerator to reach one "tera-electron-volt" energy. At 3.9 miles, it was the world's fourth-largest particle accelerator in circumference. One of its most important achievements was the 1995 discovery of the top quark, announced by research teams using the Tevatron's CDF and DØ detectors. It was shut down in 2011. Since then Fermilab's Main Injector, two miles in circumference, has been the laboratory's most powerful particle accelerator. The construction of the first building for the new PIP-II linear accelerator began in 2020.

Fermilab hosts neutrino experiments, such as MicroBooNE, ICARUS, NO?A and Muon g-2. Completed neutrino experiments include MINOS, MINOS+, MiniBooNE and SciBooNE as well as the SeaQuest fixed-target experiment. The MiniBooNE detector was a 40-foot diameter sphere containing 800 tons of mineral oil lined with 1,520 phototube detectors. An estimated 1 million neutrino events were recorded each year. SciBooNE sat in the same neutrino beam as MiniBooNE but had fine-grained tracking capabilities. The NO?A experiment uses, and the MINOS experiment used, Fermilab's NuMI beam, which is an intense beam of neutrinos that travels 455 miles through the Earth to the Soudan Mine in Minnesota and the Ash River, Minnesota, site of the NO?A far detector. In 2017, the ICARUS neutrino experiment was moved from CERN to Fermilab, with plans to begin operation in 2020.
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