Agile Coach


Columbus, OH

5 - 7 years

Posted 247 days ago

  by    Daniel James

This job is no longer available.

Roles and Responsibilities for Agile Coaching : 

The agile coach, with assistance from Client will create and execute an appropriate plan for communication, training, cultural change, and the development of agile teams, product owners, business owners/sponsors, and others.

The goals of this plan are to improve the likelihood of success for agile development and agile product management within the organization, including in both IT and the business areas.

This plan may include:

a.Collaborate with Client in creation of Enterprise Transformation Roadmap.

b. Providing and facilitating and/or helping Client develop and execute appropriate classroom and onthe-job training and materials for the selected methodologies.

This would first be for the pilot team, then possibly a larger-scale roll out of Agile across multiple teams, if pilot is judged a success

c.Facilitating and/or mentoring peer discussion groups about agile at Client

d. Building collaborative agile communities of practice that supports cultural change, and increases the knowledge, confidence, and skill of those involved 

2. Provide guidance to Client in selecting which principles to implement and how to implement them.

a. RFQ response should detail the key recommended principles or describe how Client will be assisted in selecting these and which ones are likely to be recommended for Client.

b. Develop agile policies, standards, and procedures, which might include how to incorporate the business into agile development, self-directed teams, etc. 

3. Provide guidance in the creation of an agile application development team and selection of an appropriate pilot that demonstrates the value of agile application development and product management methods.

a. The pilot project should be appropriately sized and have a high likelihood of success in the current Client culture, with a significant business need and buy-in.

b. The pilot project should be completed within the timeframe of the contract.

c. Work with Client managers to identify Client employees for this team in both IT and the business

d. Provide mentoring and coaching to achieve excellent team dynamics, collaboration, and leadership by Client employees and management who are on, or involved with, the teame. Assist with identifying and implementing appropriate measurements of success for the pilot and for ongoing agile work 

4. Assist in securing business users? and senior management?s ongoing commitment to agile methods:

a. Assist in a transformation outreach/communication strategy to include dash boards and other means of tranparency, forums, lunch and learn, go-see and meetups, etc.

b. Identifying, evaluating, and preventing or controlling potential problem areas where expectations from early agile adoption are likely to exceed reality, resulting in lost buy-in, time, and moneyc. Identifying areas that define agile success so we can achieve early winsd. Assist in communication of team successes and concepts within Client 

5. During the pilot project, vendor with assistance and oversight by Client will:

a. Evaluate the pilot

b. Evaluate how agile affects the demand management process, the resource management process, and other processes at Client.

c. Evaluate how can agile help Client move to a product management organization, including identifying potential product lines.

d. Determine the next steps for Client to become an agile organization.  


1. 5years of experience in agile coaching in both the private and public sector

2. Preference will be given to coaches who have certifications that demonstrate strong knowledge and depth of experience in agile practices and methodologies.

3. Provide examples where your organization has established and coached teams with excellent team dynamics, collaboration, employee and management leadership, and results

4. A Certified Enterprise Coach would be desirable. 

$100K - $150K