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Minneapolis, MN

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Less than 5 years

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Variety and Complexity of Work Expected:

  • Developingcourse content,translating subject matter and facilitating complex learningin a web- based environment
  • Resolvinglearner/academicfocused problemsrelative to achievement of academicgoals; requires independent judgment and decision making
  • Managingfull instructional load plus some administrative responsibilities
  • Responsibilitiesaregenerally not prescribed and have broad parameters that will lead to the masteryof the subject matterand application or practice of learnedproficiencies in the professional field
  • Positively impacts learner retentionand persistence
  • Actsundergeneral guidanceand collegial consultation regarding development of course contentand providingconstructive input regardinguniversity practices

  Knowledge, Skills,and Abilities: Knowledge

  • Extensiveknowledge of public health as an academic and practice discipline and its associated educational standards
  • UnderstandingofCapellaUniversity and school philosophy, policies,guidelines and practices
  • Knowledgeofadultlearningtheory and practices such as development of learningcontracts, collaborative learningand active learning strategies


  • Exceptionalability to assesslearning through feedback,coaching and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to develop/maintain curriculum and assessment in onlineenvironment
  • Ability to teach/advise and assess at appropriate level
  • Demonstratedability to identify/determine alternatives to resolve complexproblems


  • Ability to consistently contribute to Capella’s communityof spirit, trust,interaction and learning.
  • Actsinwaysthat support an environment of continuous improvement and a positivelearner experience
  • Operatesfrom a clear sense of well-developed personal values and standards demonstrating integrity, honesty and authenticity in all actions


  • Demonstratescompleteunderstandingoflearner– accommodating unique needs and expertise of each learner.
  • Providessupportand opportunity for the learner to continually deepen his or her understanding of individual purpose and pursue it through educational experiences
  • Demonstratesa commitment to meeting the expectations and requirements of a diversity of learners.


  • Excellentcourse management skills
  • Use of technology in teachingand learning in an onlineenvironment
  • Microsoft Office products and web fluency


Performance Criteria:  CoreFaculty will be assessed based upon their demonstration of personal driveto accomplish goals and consistently meet expectations. Performance criteriamay include the following (depending upon the type of activities assigned): Evidenceofhigh quality learner interactions as demonstrated through:

  • Endofcourse evaluations
  • Mentorperformance summary  Appropriatelymeets qualitative standards:
  • Quality of teaching
  • Quality of mentoring
  • Contributionstothe school or university
  • Responsivenesstofeedback
  • Public health practice expertise  Ability to manage a breadth and depth of work activities
  • Demonstratesa breadth of capability across a varietyof learning activities
  • Demonstratesflexibilityinmanagingworkload
  • Achievesquality learning outcomes





Education and Licensure:

  • A doctorate in Public Health or a related field from a regionally accredited institution is required.
  • Master of Public Health from a regionally accredited institution is required.


  • Relevant practice experience in area of teaching or mentoring
  • Two- years teaching in a relevant academic or practice setting
  • Online teaching experience (or strong desire to develop competency) and ability to relate to learners in an online setting.
  • Experience that demonstrates an understanding of the specific needs of the non-traditional adult learner.
  • Demonstrated contribution and commitment to the field of public health, such as publishing, professional practice, and/or professional association involvement.
  • DrPH research capstone projects mentors must have demonstrated expertise in a defined area of scholarly methodology and analysis.