Integrated Test Engineer / Project Support Engineer

AECOM   •  

San Diego, CA

Industry: Engineering Services


5 - 7 years

Posted 351 days ago

Job Summary

AECOM is actively seeking an Integrated Test Engineer / Project Support Engineer to work in Code 225 at SWRMC.  The position is located at SWRMC in San Diego, CA.
Essential Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate information regarding integrated test plans, integrated test schedules and other test related documentation from the NSA project manager or other NSA representative.
  • Verify compliance with systems engineering principles, integration approaches, and accepted Department of the Navy test program fundamentals. 
  • Support NSA project manager to ensure test plans comply with all requirements of NSI 009-67.
  • Assist the Government representative within the TSTTG as outlined in NSI 009-67. 
  • Verify that test plans are functionally linked to the integrated production schedule per NSI 009-60 and that changes in one system are accurately reflected in the other. 
  • Review and evaluate work specifications as requested by the NSA project manager based on technical risk and the quality management plan for the assigned availability. 
  • Review non-standard test procedures that are called out in a work specification as required and verify that individual work to test relationships are accurately captured in the ITP. 
  • Coordinate with the NSA project manager to verify the ITP accurately reflects the availability work package and the integrated production schedule. 
  • Prepare, schedule and lead key event and availability complete certification briefs to the SWRMC CHENG for assigned ships to include pre briefs within two weeks of scheduled dates and the formal certification brief.
  •  Prepare all required products including certification PowerPoint, CHENG certification memos, and other supporting documents.
  • Work with the assigned PSE on the key event technical risk assessment.
  • Formally schedule all briefs in Outlook.  Review schedule and testing information from non-LMA, to include Ship’s Force, SWRMC I-Level Ship Superintendents, and AIT.
  • In addition, the contractor must: Verify that the LMA’s ITP includes all testing from all related maintenance activities. 
  • Evaluate the TSNs provided by each non-LMA maintenance activity prior to submission to the LMA. 
  • Review testing information with the LMA as required and verify accuracy of the overall TSN developed by the LMA. 
  • Verify the test schedule is updated as required by NSI, or as schedules change.
  • Complete all other position related duties as assigned or requested.

Minimum Requirements

  • At least ten years technical experience with engineering systems or Bachelors Degree in Engineering/Computers and six years of experience.
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills; working knowledge of computer systems and integrated software application programs.
  • Position may require travel.
  • Position requires the ability to pass and maintain a Security Clearance


  • Experience providing engineering services to U.S. Navy or in shipyards.   
  • Experience with modern Navy Ship systems a plus (PLCs, electrical controllers, DDG-51, DDG-1000, LCS)