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Job Description

General Dynamics Health Solutions/ARMA would like to meet candidates interested in human performance and behavioral health careers. Schedule a time to talk to us at one of our Virtual Job Fairs, Oct. 24-26. Please schedule a time that works best for you. Interviews can be done from the comfort of your home, car or on a work break. We are excited to talk with you!!

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General Dynamics Health Solutions/ ARMA has an opening supporting the DOD Human Performance and Behavioral Health Services.

GD Health Solutions/ARMA have an exciting opportunity for individuals who are interested in supporting warriors with increased combat effectiveness, resiliency to show a measurable reduction in down time and create optimal performance on the targets. Additionally, this position will help to support and build stable families and support systems.

Sports Psychology is an interdisciplinary field spanning kinesiology, psychology, and motor learning and control. The Mental Performance Coach/Sports Psychologist shall train Government personnel to develop and use the psychological skills necessary to perform optimally in training and operations, realize their potential, and increase their overall physical and emotional wellbeing. The Sports Psychologist shall perform the following responsibilities:

- Teach various personnel the specific mental, behavioral, psychosocial, perceptual, and emotional control skills and strategies to improve performance during training and operational evolutions.

- Advises the HPP Manager and SMO in matters relating to mental performance, exercise and sports psychology.

- Provides psychological advice to personnel based on evidence-based peer-reviewed literature.

- Provides information about psychological factors in sports, exercise, and physical activity to individuals and groups.

- Assists the HPP Staff with goal-setting, performance profiling, visualization, and performance planning.

- Participates in periodic meetings to review human performance training provided to patients and identifies opportunities for improvement.

- Collaborates throughout the HPP to enhance the quality and effectiveness of mental and human performance development and expertise delivered.

- Conducts periodic literature reviews to ensure the HPP stays current with the provision of care.

- Supports research conducted under supervision of the HPP Manager.

- Provides input for the development and utilization of relevant databases.

- Participates in peer (record) reviews for the HPP staff (quarterly for non-privileged health-care providers).

- Collects and reports workload data as requested by the HPP manager.

- Assists the HPP manager in developing and maintaining practice guidelines to ensure consistency of care across all HPP facilities.

- Develops and promulgates training opportunities for the HPP Staff to enhance career development, potential for advancement and to further professional expertise


1. Masters Degree (MA/MS) in Human Performance or Kinesiology or Exercise and Sports Science with a specialization in Sports Psychology. A Doctorate Degree in Psychology (Ph.D. or Psy.D) or a related clinical discipline is preferred.

2. Requires a valid license to practice psychology.


The Sports Psychologist shall possess a master's degree (doctoral degree preferred) in Human Performance or Kinesiology, or Exercise and Sport Sciences with a specialization in Sport Psychology.

The Sports Psychologist shall have a minimum of five (5) years of experience in sports psychology and demonstrated experience working with elite athletes is highly desired.

Certification as a Certified Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) is desired, but not required.

The Sports Psychologist shall be capable of meeting physical demands of military training, including the ability to hike over rough terrain and function in austere environments in order to observe various training evolutions and the ability to assist with strength and conditioning testing and training protocols, and lift and manipulate loads or weights up to 20 kilograms.

The Sports Psychologist must have 2-5 years of post-doctoral psychology experience.

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