Chief Medical Officer

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Richmond, VA

Industry: Agriculture


11 - 15 years

Posted 379 days ago

Position Summary:

The Facility Chief Medical Officer leads clinical and quality initiatives that support the provision of consistent clinical performance and practice standards across the hospital; facilitates the analysis of quality performance and prioritization improvement opportunities; provides senior level leadership to the infection control, risk management, safety, and medical staff credentialing functions ensuring the collaboration and coordination of all stakeholders in these processes; and consults on an array of issues involving physicians.

Major Responsibilities:

Note: The following is a list of the essential functions of the job. Most positions can be described in 6-8 major responsibility areas. Combine minor or occasional duties in one last statement. Do not include a duty which occupies 5% or less of the target job’s time unless it is an essential part of the job. 

Promotes Physician Alignment between HCA-Affiliated Physicians and HCA Hospital and Corporate Leadership by:

  • Leading clinical performance expectations that support the goals of consistent clinical performance and practice standards across the facility to ensure superior clinical outcomes and unparalleled patient experience
  • Working with Hospital Chief Medical Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Medical Staffs, and Boards of Directors, to improve the functionality and effectiveness of the hospital medical staff organization
  • Partnering and collaborating with medical staffs and hospital management teams, facilitating teamwork and shared goals.  Representing medical staff viewpoints to management and relaying management viewpoints to medical staff by establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between HCA leadership and community and/or employed physicians.
  • Provides clinical support and consultation regarding cost effective clinical resource management in the facilities by sharing of reports and recommendations regarding how to reduce the variable cost per case while maintaining and enhancing clinical effectiveness.
  • Creating an environment of quality and cost improvement that is data driven and develops systems to review utilization of resources and objectively measure outcomes of care in the inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • Serving as a direct liaison between HCA affiliated physicians and facility, and corporate clinical services functions.
  • Establishing and maintaining an ongoing program to orient and develop management expertise for Hospital Chiefs of Staff, Medical Executive Committees, and other medical staff leaders by providing oversight and leadership for all medical education programs.
  • Leading educational sessions and providing ongoing in service to facility medical staff regarding clinical resource management, appropriate documents standards, utilization and quality issues, and quality improvement activities in collaboration with the chief of staff or other clinical leadership in the facility.
  • Assembling regional physician advisory panels to provide ongoing feedback to HCA senior management and serves as a liaison between these committees and facility, and corporate leadership as well as to the affiliated physicians.
  • Serving as spokesperson to HCA hospitals and affiliated physicians to explain and obtain buy in for, corporate, group, and facility, sponsored clinical initiatives.
  • Collaborating on a day to day basis with other facility and corporate Chief Medical Officers.
  • Educating physicians on HCA clinical technologies.
  • Collaborating with HPG and Supply Chain on formulary and supply opportunities.

Oversees Medical Staff Affairs by:

  • Developing, implementing, and monitoring disruptive physician and impaired physician policies and developing monitoring and intervention programs in the region.
  • Providing recommendations in the development and/or revision of the hospital policies and procedures pertinent to the medical staff and medical staff affairs.
  • Serving as a consultant to hospital Medical Staff Services regarding physician credentialing and utilization and quality profiling, including serving as a member of hospital’s peer review committees as requested.

Promotes Business Development and Payer Relations by:

  • Evaluating clinical appropriateness of new medical technologies and programs and making recommendations concerning the relevance of such technologies and programs to HCA hospitals.
  • Serving as a resource and consultant to the Vice President Physician Services Group and/or Vice President Business Development in physician recruitment and clinical program development.
  • Providing medical director services to facility level physician credentialing, business development and provider relations in contracting issues.
  • Providing medical consultation on contracting, pricing, and analysis of managed care issues including providing clinical support for appeals and denials process, discharge planning, case management, and utilization review/management.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Fostering an environment of collaboration and partnership in the patient care enterprise.
  • Integrating the Facility Chief Medical Officer as a key leader of the facility management team.
  • Effective working relationship between Facility Chief Medical Officer, Facility Chief Medical Officers, and other medical staff leaders.
  • Ensuring clinical excellence will be further recognized and affirmed through quantifiable metrics in performance.
  • Helping establish a strong sense of collaboration between Hospital leadership and the medical staff when setting direction and policy.
  • Measurable improvement in physician and patient satisfaction.

Education & Experience:
 Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Required  Master's degree  in business or related field, Preferred  10+ years of experience in clinical practice, Preferred  Experience as a CMO (or equivalent) in a large, complex hospital or regional health system, Required