Project Manager


Nashville, TN

Industry: Construction


5 - 7 years

Posted 322 days ago

Position PurposeProvide overall coordination of designated project(s) to ensure that project(s) are delivered within budget and schedulewhile building and maintaining a lasting relationship with clients, design team professionals, and subcontractors.EssentialFunctions and ResponsibilitiesConstruction Knowledge

•Has solid construction base; can offer creative solutions for field problems, utilizing all contract documents. •Manages and leads the project team in overall construction process with the superintendent.

•Establishes construction controls for project team.

•Develops creative solutions for construction methods and sequences to resolve field problems.

•Has overall oversight to keep team focused and can implement course correction and directionas necessary.Quality

•Establishes the QA/QC program for the project and any necessary controls with the superintendent; can solve complex QA/QC issues and develop solutions needed; works with the superintendent to ensure overall compliance and resolve field issues. •Ensures testing and inspection correction measures are performed. •Ensures punch list is complete. Safety•Works with superintendent and safety manager to establish, monitor, and manage necessary project safety controls.•Working knowledge of building life safety codes. •Overall safety culture leader (along with the superintendent), and takes any and all measures necessary to ensure project meets safety program established as well as spirit of Building Group culture.

•Ensures basic KBR safety requirements are included during procurement.•Ensures safety program is sound and takes measures to ensure compliance and corrective means required. Leadership & Organization•Ability to recognize project team staffing needs.

•Defines team members’ roles and responsibilities, can lead team effectively, and promotes teamwork.

•Ability to conduct productive meetings; can lead OAC, staff, and subcontractor meetings.

•Is the team communication leader and is capable of effective and professional communication with staff, subcontractors, and O/A (verbal and written).

•Oversees and ensures all technical logs and controls are in place and managed, takes necessary measures to correct as needed, and ensures that all systems are in place.

•Able to develop project processes for the project team and to monitor adherence. •Prepares monthly reports in a timely and professional manner; ensures monthly reports are performed.

•Effectively delegates certain aspects and responsibilities to the project team members and conducts regular follow-ups on delegates’ tasks. •Can correct and adjust job processes as necessary.

•Oversees all project processes to ensure proper project execution; evaluates project team performance and adjusts as needed. Schedule Management

•Can schedule his/her own project with sufficient detail, logic, and sequencing; manages and monitors conformance to schedule and can update or adjust as needed; coordinates schedule with subcontractors and team members.

•Oversees show drawings, submittals, and material deliveries to meet schedule.

•Establishes procurement schedule to meet construction project schedule and buys and manages accordingly. •Expedites the work of all subcontractors as needed; works wi

th superintendents to ensure conformance to schedule. •Understands the impact of changes on the schedule and obtains necessary time, adjusting overall schedule as needed; understands methods to overcome scheduling obstacles and delays; can re-sequence schedules to meet overall masterschedule and end dates.

•Identifies creative approaches to reduce overall project schedule; understands key drivers and critical impacts.

•Proactively forecastsand evaluatesproject schedule and makes resources adjustments as needed usingpast experience as cross check. Project Planning•Establishes occupancy and turnover process for the project; manages in coordination with superintendent.

•Ability to obtain design and consult information to satisfy schedule requirements.

•Coordinates with project team to define project logistics and subcontractor mobilizations; ensures and oversees that logistics plan and schedules are completed.

Job DescriptionJob Description –Project ManagerPage | 3•Works closely with superintendent to monitor work progress and make corrections as necessary to facilitate changes and field conditions.

•Establishes and conducts transition and preconstruction start-up meetings. •Ensures all permits are in place in coordination with superintendent.

•Anticipates and recognizes problems and helps plan ahead for such; ability to adapt and adjust project planning as needed including schedule, logistics, and occupancy.•Serves as the overall team planner for all project specific needs.Risk Management & Problem Solving•Can identify and document risk and plan to avoid or mitigate. •Responsible for project procurement plan and schedule plan; buys and writes subcontract and PO to that plan; adheres to procurement policy.•Responsible for execution process of procurement including negotiation of contract comments; facilitates terms and condition adjustments with bond/risk department. •Monitors and reviews project documents and field conditions to determine risk areas; implements plan to mitigate risk using previous experience.•Ensures that all insurance certificates, bonds, licenses, and other documents are on file in corporate office.

•Provides proper notice and documentation of any and all delays or impacts according to contract requirements and pursues resolution.•Establishes and manages change order process for project; writes and negotiates resolution of change orders.

•Manages dispute resolution between project members including owner, designers, contractors, subcontractors, and inspectors. Finance•Responsible for project budget, cost, profit, and cash flow; manages profit to the approved PPA forecast.

•Develops the master cost budget from the estimates and establishes cost and budgets for each item of work.•Ability to deliver project within budget.•Performs monthly cost and profit forecasting and any needed budget adjustments to the cost system (includes general condition budgets).•Reviews and approves subcontractor and vendor invoices.•Performs the monthly pay application process, submits owner pay application and monitors payment, approves subcontractor payments, and maintains positive cash flow. Manages the change order process—prices, submits, and negotiates owner change orders; prices, submits, and approves subcontractor change orders.

•Manages the process for disputed costs, extras, or claims, tracks within the budget, and is able to resolve.

•Manages and approves all cost items including payroll, time sheets, labor, purchase orders, subcontracts, miscellaneous purchases, and expense reports.

•Develops achievable PPA for the project. Qualifications & RequirementsEducation / CertificationBachelor’s degree, preferably in Construction Science, Construction EngineeringTechnology, or Construction ManagementRecommended Work Experience5 to 10+ year relevant experience in constructionRecommended Knowledge, Skills, and AbilitiesKnowledge of computer programs such as Microsoft Office, scheduling software, internet, and project management software;Knowledge of industry trends, innovations, market, and geography;Knowledge of corporate and industry practices, processes, and standards;Highly skilled in communication, public relations, organization, teamwork, accuracy, attention to detail, time management, conflict resolution, cost management, training, forecasting,and management of others.