Manufacturing Manager

Superior Essex   •  

Franklin, TN

Industry: Manufacturing / Electronics


8 - 10 years

Posted 347 days ago

Job Description


Under the general guidance of the Plant Manager, direct, through the different levels of supervision, all of the manufacturing activities. Coordinate the various phases of departmental operations to ensure continuous and efficient work flow. Maintain overall check on operating costs, material usage and scrap, quality and quantity of output, subordinates performance, adequacy of production standards, and adherence to production schedules. Work closely with all departments, assist in the solution to problems and make suggestions for improving efficiency and reducing costs.


  •  Direct and coordinate operations in the various departments. Keep informed on production schedules, resolve difficulties in maintaining output and ensure that prescribed standards of product quality and accuracy and employee performance are maintained at all times. Exercise responsibility for shifting of personnel to meet varying requirements and production demands.
  •  Continuously monitor/adjust the training of general supervisors and manufacturing supervisors for improvement and effectiveness. Provide guidance and assistance in the solution of the more complex problems in tooling, methods, quality, and machine or equipment breakdown. Administer company personnel policies, maintain discipline, and enforce safety and housekeeping regulations. Handle all grievances beyond the scope and/or capabilities of subordinates and take immediate action on employee complaints to ensure high morale in the plant at all times. Keep management informed on status of morale.
  •  Maintain check on quality of output. Review scrap and rework reports and take appropriate corrective action to ensure conformance to quality specifications. Work closely with engineering, quality assurance, quality control and others to correct quality defects and expedite work flow.
  •  Keep informed on long range production plans, production orders released, work backlogs, changes in schedules, engineering changes and other details. Review various reports on status of production, individual, group, and departmental productivity, supply, material and utilities costs, direct and indirect labor costs, and take corrective action on deficiencies as required.
  •  Work closely with manufacturing engineering in planning for production of new or modified products. Participate in equipment and plant layout, improvement of machines, equipment, tooling, methods and processes to increase production, improve quality, reduce materials handling and facilitate work flow. Recommend new equipment to replace worn and/or obsolete equipment to improve production output and quality.
  •  Keep informed on departmental expenses and costs. Continuously seek out opportunities for cost reduction and develop cost consciousness in production managers and supervisors. Devise and/or recommend improvements in safety and maintenance of equipment, machines and tooling. Ensure that production managers and supervisors collaborate in the solution of problems, work as a team at all times and that they develop and maintain efficient and harmonious operations within their areas of responsibility.
  •  Submit reports pertaining to all departmental activities as specified by the Plant Manager. Make recommendations to the Plant Manager and other members of management for improving the general operation of the plant. Set up systems and records for following up on production.
  •  Exercise responsibility for continuous development of own professional and technical competence. Keep abreast of advances in manufacturing management, labor relations, new materials, products, machines, equipment, instruments, methods and processes to ensure that the company remains in the forefront of its industry.
  •  Perform other related duties as directed by the Plant Manager.


  • B.S. in Production Management or Engineering degree is preferred.
  • Requires knowledge of production management, machining, fabricating, processing and assembly. Specific skills required in methods and operation improvement, production planning and scheduling and supervision of personnel from operators through production supervisors. Must have knowledge of training methods and be able to develop general supervisors and supervisors. Knowledge of manufacturing engineering; production cost control; data processing; direct labor standards; personnel management and labor relations is necessary.
  •  Relatively high degree of continuity of concentration and attention is required for directing and coordinating the work of several departments, solving various technical and supervisory problems and furnishing guidance to subordinates.
  •  Require 7 to 10 years of diversified manufacturing experience, preferably in the wire and cable field. Primary background should be in production management and/or engineering. Experience with production control, assembly, inspection, testing, planning and scheduling, supervision and labor relations is essential.


  • Normally is given the responsibility, authority and latitude for directing manufacturing activities in the plant. Must work with difficult, demanding and changing schedules, and solve varied and complex problems in production requiring original and technical approaches. Requires initiative, analytical effort, and judgment when settling grievances, and building and maintaining morale.
  •  Has knowledge of salaries of general supervisors and manufacturing supervisors, new products during development stage and plans for staffing and layoffs. Normally will work with sensitive labor relations information.
  •  Errors in judgment may result in serious production delays, poor quality and excessive costs and adverse company-employee relations. Incorrect information and recommendations given to management may result in subsequent faulty management decisions.
  •  Requires considerable moving about covering several operating departments over a wide area.
  •  Job is characterized by continuous deadlines, changing schedules, pressure for maximum output and heavy requirement for coordinating work and solving problems in subordinate departments.
  •  Regular contacts with company officers, manufacturing management, engineers, various department heads and frequent contacts with vendors are required.
  •  Exposed to usual shop conditions with some time spent in office. Occasional travel required to other Superior Essex locations.
  •  Requires spending considerable time in production departments throughout the plant. Some noise, oil, dirt and fumes will be encountered.


  • Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)