Director of Nursing

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New Castle, IN

Industry: Healthcare IT


Less than 5 years

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Under the direct supervision of the Regional Manager, has the authority, responsibility and accountability for structuring, comprehensive planning and implementing the Nursing Services Program that guides the delivery of a quality health care program.



  1. Supervises all assigned staff nurses and paraprofessional nursing personnel.
  2. Receives and reviews daily outpatient and infirmary reports.
  3. Manages all infirmary and clinic nursing functions.  Acts as a consultant and/or resource within site to facilitate offender care.
  4. Coordinates offender care requirements with other departments within the facility and the continuity of offender care with outside health care facilities.
  5. Provides functional direction and guidance to nursing staff through on-the-job training and  ensures appropriate and quality orientation for all newly hired staff.
  6. Participates in planning, priority setting and the development of policies and procedures for health care activities that are in compliance with contractual requirements, Department of Corrections and national standards.
  7. Coordinates and monitors orientation, in-services and continuing education within the Division of Nursing Services.  Plans, develops and conducts in-service training classes for professional and/or paraprofessional patient care personnel.
  8. Coordinates the development, provision and evaluation of patient care according to the standards of quality care.
  9. Notifies the Wexford Health StaffingDepartment of vacant or upcoming vacant positions in a timely manner and actively assists the Staffing Department in the filling of vacant positions.
  10. Conducts the selection and evaluation of all nursing personnel and assists administrative staff in personnel functions relating to nursing staff.
  11. Is familiar with overtime and commodity budgets and works to remain within budget.
  12. Notifies Regional Manager of staffing variances related to the Schedule E.
  13. Obtains approval of Wexford Health Administration and IDOC prior to exceeding staffing hours as outlined in the Schedule E.
  14. Strives to ensure 100% compliance of Schedule E and Additional Services Request (ASR) staffing hours.
  15. Complies with and enforces Wexford Health/Facility policies and procedures and ensures subordinate compliance.
  16. Is familiar with all aspects of the Wexford Health Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and operates consistent with the language as interpreted by Wexford Health Administration.
  17. Ensures the existence of an Infection Control Program and supervises the activities of the program as well as ongoing monitoring of the program in compliance with Company/Facility policies and procedures and community standards.
  18. Prepares and submits monthly reports as requested by the Health Care Unit Administrator or Regional Manager.
  19. Conducts regular meetings with staff as required per Company/Facility policies to maintain optimal levels of communication within the Health Care Unit.
  20. Acts as administrator on call for nursing emergencies or nursing staff needs.
  21. Member of the Quality Assurance Committee.  Attends Quality Assurance and Medical Audit  Committee meetings as requested.
  22. Develops and maintains appropriate staffingschedule to ensure adequate nursing coverage for all shifts in accordance with contract terms of nursing coverage and the Wexford Health CBA.  Responsible for making changes in time schedules, and granting special requests for time off, if appropriate.
  23. Ensures the practice of nursing is consistent with current standards, and is responsible for level of care provided to offenders in compliance with IDOC policies and procedures.
  24. Serves as representative for, and/or liaison between nursing services, other health care providers, contract services such as lab and physical therapy as well as Health Care Unit Administrator, and coordinates such patient care services with other departments.
  25. Provides guidance to the nursing staff in patient care problems; delegates responsibility within the scope of the employee’s abilities.
  26. Remains visible and is responsive to all medical disciplines.
  27. Supports and participates in evaluation designed to improve work conditions and patient care.  Evaluates employee performance consistent with policies and timelines.
  28. Participates in community organizations as requested and maintains good relationships with community organizations.
  29. Keeps abreast and follows through on incidents occurring on all shifts.
  30. Is available for conferences on all shifts.
  31. Counsels nursing personnel in following established protocols.
  32. Ensures all communicable diseases are reported to the local/state health authorities as appropriate or required.
  33. Reviews all discrepancies in sharps and tool counts, investigates, reconciles and applies appropriate corrective action if indicated.
  34. Reviews all mediation errors, investigates, reconciles and applies appropriate corrective action if indicated.
  35. Oversees discharge planning and coordinates the continuity of offender care with outside health care facilities.
  36. Responds to offender medical grievances as requested.
  37. Assesses established policies and reviews policies as needed.
  38. Receives direction from IDOC personnel as appropriate, including but not limited to Wardens, Health Care Unit Administrators (HCUA).  Assists HCUA in ensuring that the contract terms of nursing coverage are met.
  39. Coordinates special projects as requested by HCUA e.g., nurseaudits, development of nursing policies and procedures, etc.
  40. Maintains the confidentiality of offender records.
  41. Approaches change in a positive manner.
  42. Makes suggestions for improving work conditions to the Medical Director or Regional Manager as appropriate.
  43. Accepts constructive criticism and maintains professionalism in stressful situations.

The duties and responsibilities outlined herein are for payroll purposes only; employees may be assigned other duties as required.



Standard medical setting in a correctional facility, which includes daily interfacing with inmates, correctional staff, and health care personnel.

Job Requirements:

 The following requirements list the minimum to qualify.  An equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted.

TRAVEL: Minimal travelrequired.

LICENSING: Current Indiana RN License

CERTIFICATION: CPR certification


  • Minimum two (2) years nursing experience
  • Two (2) years administrative and/or correctional nursing experiencepreferred

Job Number: 78126289227