Bilingual General Manager


Mcallen, TX

Industry: Food & Beverage


5 - 7 years

Posted 349 days ago

  by    Laura Galvan

Company Background:

We have been retained by one of the top confectionery companies in the Americas. Our client is one of the fastest growing CPG companies in the U.S., in large part due to the success of our flagship candy brands. Our client is positioned to grow from $1 billion in gross sales in ’16 to $2 billion in top line saleswithin the next 5years. They have 5 distinct business segments: Everyday Branded, Seasonal, Private Label, Co-manufacturing, and Bulk. Everyday Branded and Seasonal are the fastest growing segments and currently represent ~70% of top line sales. Our client also has a growing Vitamin Mineral Supplement business.  

This leader is differentiated from the competition due to their non-chocolate confection, their exceptional financial and operational rigor, and ongoing commitment to innovation in both product and business practice innovation.

Headquartered in the Illinois, the company employs nearly 3000 employees and operates manufacturing facilities across the United States and Mexico. Our supplier network is global. Our client is privately owned.

Position Summary:

As the senior onsite executive, this position directs and is responsible for all aspects of the Reynosa, Mexico manufacturing plant (primary responsibility) and the McAllen, Texas import-export operation, including two offsite third party materials warehouses. The Reynosa, Mexico facility currently has over 1,000 full time employees, with employee and third party service provider presence onsite 7 days a week around the clock.

This position:

  • Sets the direction, executes the plan and develops the people.
  • Serves as the primary legal representative for the three Mexican business entities that make up the Reynosa operation with powers of attorney to act on behalf of the company in all administrative aspects, litigation, collections, labor/union, regulatory and contractual issues.
  • Leads the planning, development and execution of the plant's operations expense and capital budgets as well as the plant's objectives and projects to support the company's strategic and annual plans.
  • Provides functional oversight for Production, Engineering, Maintenance, Finance/Accounting, Human Resources, Materials Purchasing and Inventory Control, Warehousing, Shipping/Receiving, Import-Export, Systems and Quality Assurance.
  • Ensures the Reynosa Operations is in compliance with all legal, maquiladora, labor law, regulatory and financial issues applicable to and affecting our operation.
  • Establishes the core values, the organization structure, policies and a work environment that are conducive to ensuring an ethical, compliant, productive, proactive, cost effective, safe and quality-focused operation.
  • Serves as liaison between plant and corporate support staff on all issues related to the plant as well as with executive staff on specific critical issues.
  • Serves as the company's local representative and active participant in local (Mexico & U.S.) industry-specific associations, governmental affairs, and the community in general. 

Position duties & responsibilities:

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each responsibility satisfactorily:

  • Plans, develops, executes, monitors and reports status and performance against operations expense and capital budgets. Includes assuring an understanding of company's strategy and priorities and then building plans and controls to meet them.
  • Plans, develops, executes, monitors and reports performance against plant performance goals and objectives, particularly in areas such as production volume, efficiencies, scrap, overweights, product quality, quality audits, financialaudits, turnover, safety, absenteeism, headcount, inventory control, regulatory compliance and maquiladora certifications.
  • Serves as liaison and facilitates communications between the plant and corporate support staff, executive staff, other F&S plants, suppliers and others for planning, problem solving and decision making initiatives. Includes facilitating any conflict resolution both internally to Reynosa and between Reynosa and others.
  • Ensures and maintains effective internal communications regarding company / plant direction and results through meetings, conference calls, one-on-ones, reports, written correspondence, employee events and time "on the floor".
  • Drives ongoing organizational development to support company goals and objectives through effective leadership, employee selection, competitive compensation, coaching, training, appropriate career opportunities, succession planning and performance management/appraisal.
  • Maintains BRC AA rating
  • Ensures adherence to all company policies and procedures. 
  • Understands and demonstrates the Company’s core values.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Candidate Skills & Requirements: 

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required.

  1. 5+ years Plant Manager or General Manager experience in manufacturing, assembly, or processing environment coupled with excellent business acumen– be versed in budget, variance, inventory, manufacturing, maquiladora programs, customs, maintenance, and quality programs/analysis.
  2. Strategic Thinking - This position must have effective leadership skills with emphasis on setting and communicating strategic and tactical direction. 
  3. Results Driven - This position must be capable of establishing the pace of the operation and communicating a sense of urgency to attain corporate goals.
  4. Decision Making - Since this position is the top onsite manager, it has ultimate onsite responsibility for most decisions related to people/employees at this facility such as organizational structure, hiring, discipline, termination, promotions, assigned responsibility, project teams, union contract, labor disputes, access on the premises, contractor utilization, third party service providers, outside professional services, government relations, etc.
  5. This position makes daily decisions involving the expenditure of significant company funds, the management of multiple bank accounts for multiple business entities and reviews and signs all purchase requisitions, service contracts, checks and electronic payments under the responsibility of this plant.
  6. Other frequently made decisions by this position which could have a critical impact on the company include decisions around the quality, compliance, safety and acceptability of raw materials used and finished product produced; the work environment, equipment and work processes as related to their potential for creating personal risk or company liability; whether or not to stop part or all of the production processes for any extended period of time; and responses given to auditors or regulatory agencies around a myriad of potential compliance and legal issues. Less frequent decisions with high impact include urgent decisions related to short term or longer term evacuations due to emergency situations such as serious storms, fires, gas leaks, demonstrations, potential assaults, or the like.
  7. Team Building – This position must have the skills and experience to develop and motivate employees.
  8. Time/Project Management – This position must have ability to managing efficient manufacturing operations, managing plant financials, project management, etc.

Candidate Education and Experience:

An outstanding candidate will possess a combination of the following skills and experiences:

  • Experience leading a team of direct reports for roles such as Production Manager, Maintenance Manager, Engineering Manager, Finance & Accounting Manager, Materials, Import-Export & Systems Manager, Human Resources Manager, and Quality Assurance Manager.
  • General knowledge of all aspects manufacturing, assembly or processing; Candy/confectionery or Food processing and as well as general manufacturing and logistics/supply chain processes and methodologies for achieving continuous improvement.
  • This position must have a current knowledge of the maquiladora industry including pertinent requirements from legal, foreign trade, labor, governmental, environmental, fiscal and tax perspectives. A working knowledge of the cultural differences in the Mexican environment is also required and essential.
  • Since this position manages the entire business operations of Reynosa as opposed to only managing a manufacturing plant. This position must have a "general management" perspective and working knowledge is important.
  • This position must be fully bilingual in Spanish and English and must have the ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing in both languages.
  • This position must be able to communicate in both English and Spanish with a wide range of constituencies including all plant levels, corporate, suppliers, contractors, service providers, industry colleagues, government officials and the community in general.
  • Bachelor's degreerequired, prefer Chemistry, Bio-chemistry, food science, or similar
  • Masters or certification preferred
  • Bilingual. Must be fluent in English and Spanish and fully understand the Mexico culture.