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Empire Care Centers
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Canton, Georgia
recency icon Posted 09-18-2023

Job Description

Cherokee Center for Nursing and Healing POSITION TITLE: RN Nursing Supervisor OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE: Category I DEPARTMENT: Nursing Administration TO: Center Nurse Executive GRADE:33 FLSA: Exempt POSITION SUMMARY: The RN Nursing Supervisor supports the Center Nurse Executive (CNE) with the delivery of efficient and effective nursing care while achieving positive clinical outcomes, and patient/family and employee satisfaction during a designated shift. The RN Nursing Supervisor serves as a clinical operational liaison between the units and the CNE, /\DON, and Unit Managers. He/she is responsible for the clinical operations of the Nursing Units including ensuring compliance with Empire policies and procedures, practice standards and regulations. Additionally, he/she is responsible for facilitating the implementation of the care delivery model and processes, mentoring staff, coordination and communication with other departments, and ensuring patient and family satisfaction. RESPONSIBILITIES/ACCOUNTABILITIES: 1. Administrative: 1.1 Collaborates with the Center Nurse Executive in maintaining adequate nursing coverage to provide safe nursing care for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; 1.1 Effectively utilizes existing manpower limiting use of overtime and agency personnel; 1.2 Participates in staff recruitment (i.e. Assist in the interviewing and selection of nursing personnel); l.3 Assesses the work performance of nursing staff as it relates to their job description, unit standards of care and goals of the individual: 1.4 Assists with the Individual Performance Improvement Plan for staff whose performance docs not meet center expectations, and when necessary, recommends, initiates disciplinary action: 1.5 Recommends and facilitates employee promotions, transfers and terminations; 1.6 Collaborates with other departments to provide timely effective care consistent with individuals' needs, choices and preferences; I.7 Answers any/all emergencies throughout the shift (i.e. change of condition, starting IVs. pronouncement of death); 1.8 Fosters a strong partnership between the medical staff and the department of nursing. J.9 Makes recommendations to the Center Nurse Executive regarding nursing care equipment/supplies required to meet the needs of the patients and assures that adequate supplies are available; 1.10 Promotes a culture of safety to ensure a healthy practice and living environment; 1.11 Participates in meetings to address patient care, survey and/or standards of care issues as requested; 1.12 Assures that the building is secure during the assigned shift by checking doors and alarms according to nursing center protocols; 2. Clinical Leadership: 2.1 Works with the CNE to effectively plan, organize, direct and implement a comprehensive center-wide nursing program; 2.2 Provides nursing leadership in order to meet the goals of the Empire organization and the individual center; 2.3 Ensures patient care assignments arc consistent with staff competencies, scope of practice and the needs of the patients; 2.4 Creates an environment that is respectful, team oriented and responsive to the concerns of staff, patients and families; 2.5 Completes rounds on the units to observe patients and to determine if nursing needs are being met; 2.6 Provides patient care when required; 2.7 Monitors nursing care to ensure positive clinical outcomes and minimize rehospitalizations; 2.8 Ensures Point Click Care (PCC) is utilized according to the Business Processes: 2.9 Encourages communication between licensed nursing staff and CNAs during and between shifts; 2.10 Encourages shift-to-shift communication between incoming and outgoing nursing staff: 2.11 Ensures timely and accurate compliance of the MDS process and that it reflects the patient's plan of care; 2.12 Reviews prospective admissions in relation to existing nursing capabilities and ensures readiness to treat; 2.13 Contacts attending physician to obtain orders as indicated (i.e., admission, change in condition, etc.); 2.14 Ensures that Physician Orders are followed as prescribed; 2.15 Oversees medication management to ensure adequate supplies and that all medications are handled in accordance Empire policy; 2.16 Ensures that patient's attending physician and family or responsible party are promptly notified of any significant change in the patient's health condition; 2.17 Facilitates discharge planning process and provides consultation as needed; 2. l 8 investigates patient/family complaints and takes appropriate actions to bring to resolution; 3. Education: 3. l Identifies educational needs of the staff and communicates needs to the Nurse Practice Educator (NPE); 3. I. I Conducts education in 1he absence of the NPE; 32 Participates in the evaluation of staff competency; 3.3 Assists with the orientation of newly hired nursing staff; 3.4 Demonstrates, teaches and evaluates nursing skills utilized in direct patient care of the unit's specific patient population; 3.5 Promotes professional development and career opportunities for nursing staff; 4. Quality Improvement: 4.1 Supports the CNE in employing a strong Quality Improvement (QI) process for the nursing department; 4.2 Ensures that the patients' Care Plans are implemented and periodically reviewed and modified as necessary; 4.3 Ensures that patient's accident/incident adverse event and grievances/concerns arc fully documented, investigated, reported and addressed in accordance with Empire policies and procedures and the Federal/State rules and regulations; 5. Enhances nursing practice by attending all mandated in-service programs and other ECC and outside professional education programs; 6. Maintains confidentiality and protects sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI) at all times; 7. Stays and works beyond scheduled shift if needed to meet state staffing requirements and/or needs of patients; 8. Performs other duties as requested. COMPLIANCE: 1. Complies with and promotes adherence to applicable legal requirements. standards, policies and procedures including but not limited those within the Compliance and Ethics Program, Standard/Code of Conduct, Federal False Claims Act and HIPAA. 2. Provides leadership and support for the Compliance and Ethics Program within management area. 3. Insures timely and accurate reporting and responses to compliance-related issues and monitors the implementation of corrective action plans related to such issues. 4. Ensures that staff participates in orientation and training programs including but not limited to all required compliance courses and relevant policies ,md procedures, and that such training is properly documented. Participates in compliance and other required training programs. 5. Provides open lines of communication regarding compliance issues within management area and access to the Integrity Line and ensures that retaliation against staff who report suspected incidences of non-compliance does not occur. Promptly reports concerns and suspected incidences of non- compliance to supervisor, Compliance Liaison or to the Compliance Officer via the Integrity Hotline. 6. Participates in monitoring and auditing activities and investigations, and implementing quality assurance and performance improvement processes, as required. 7. Completes performance reviews and determines compensation and promotions based on the accomplishment of established standards that promote adherence to compliance and quality standards.