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Free Professional Resume Template

We’re experts at building the best professional resumes, so we created a free resume template for you to download, edit and use.

Aimed at executive and mid-career professionals, we know how to give your resume at-a-glance value to rookie resume screeners, seasoned recruiters, future bosses and even Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software.

One Resume to Rule Them All

None of your four resume audiences want fabulous fonts, daring designs, cute colors or other aesthetic differentiators. You have 7.4 seconds to impress and what attracts the eye here is your expertise, shown in terms of the value you offer and presented in a perfect resume template.

Work History or Advertisement?

See your resume as an autobiography, stuffy work history, or a brand advertisement that buys you an interview? Most marketing materials today avoid big lumps of text, overwritten rhetoric and dull details. But achievements? They were made for expert resume templates!

Resume Templates That Attract

Did you ever notice how numbers attract your eye? Numbers, percentages, dollar amounts. They work in resumes, too. And they’re the very best way to avoid dull details while highlighting your achievements via demonstrable successes - right there on the template page!

A Simple Breakdown of How to Move Up

Here’s how the Ladders Resume Template breaks down to move you up!

Headline - Job Title
Instantly impress with a 3-5 word (max!) job title that begins with a winning adjective: Accomplished General Manager.
Professional Summary
Communicate at-a-glance what job roles you’re aiming at in your next position, key areas of expertise, and any awards or recognition you’ve received.
Work Experience
Showcase your past successes. Start with your latest or current job first, so that your latest achievements, based on the culmination of your expertise, are seen up front.
Company or Role Description
Display a short, informative overview of the type of company you worked for, or a description of your position in it.
Resume Bullet Points
Show at-a-glance value with success verbs. Any success that can be expressed in numbers, dollar amounts or percentages should be used. Use more bullets for your most recent jobs.
Let’s see the University name, city, state, dates and the degree title, along with any honors or other outstanding items added in a couple of simple bullet-points. Easy.
Your keywords can cover many areas of expertise and should include any skill, certifications, software names or computer languages you have. Make those ATS machines happy!

Yes, Success is a Winning Word!

Clever marketing people create wins for their clients by writing lists of bullet-points, each starting with an “action” verb. At Ladders, we stepped it up with success verbs: Increased, Optimized, Reduced, etc., and created a resume template that is effortlessly easy for recruiters to read.

Your Two-Page Sage

“I’m sorry to have written you such a long letter,” wrote the great Blaise Pascal to a friend, “but I did not have sufficient time to write a short one.” Our resume templates take those 10-page tomes and turn them into 2-page masterpieces of editing, highlighting, and selling expertise.

Get to the Top With a Template

Recruiters sift through resumes fast (7.4 seconds as mentioned above!). Picture that pile right now. Then imagine finding a resume with short, punchy lines, dollars and numbers that can be pretty much understood just by being seen. Now consider what the right resume template is worth.

Expert results based on the bottom line.

Investment Vs. ROI

The best thing about a Ladders Resume Template (or one of our 73 industry specific Ladders Resume Templates), is that we invested years into honing, testing and developing them so you gain a career advantage.

Or is the best thing that they’re free? You decide!

Either way, you simply download your template and start writing in your information. And yes, it’s not easy trying to remember numbers, percentages and dollar amounts, but it’s also easier than you think!

“Hey, nobody told me those details! Are you kidding?”

Nope. Think of every painful moment when you complained: “Can you believe she wants me to produce x number of x in an x period of time! That’s insane!”

It could be surprising how many tangible, demonstrable achievements you can come up with when you try.

And think of the ROI.

The sad fact is, most resumes in competition with yours will be multiple pages of heavy, hard-to-look-at text that does nothing but explain job duties… if the resume itself was copied and pasted from the original job description!

That’s why a Ladders Resume Template is an investment in success.

One Resume to Rule Them All... 73 to Guide Them!

Based on our classic Ladders resume template, 73 industry-specific examples can also be downloaded, edited and used free! And it’s this easy:

Click a resume that’s a good fit for you.

See a complete sample, with a related cover letter below. From there you can download, edit, and create your own optimized resume based on our targeted resume templates - free.

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Now read the #1 bestselling Ladders Resume Guide (3rd edition), by Ladders Founder and CEO Marc Cenedella.

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