Jul 11, 7:09 PM

People aged 45-64 are the fastest growing demographic on the mobile frontier. Here's why your business should be texting with seniors. #babyboomers #serniorcitizens #zipwhip #biztexting

Jul 7, 9:52 PM

Pet groomer, Sarah Dukart explains the struggles she has encountered as a deaf business owner and how Zipwhip texting has helped her overcome some of those communication challenges.

Jun 29, 4:03 PM

Winning team, Sportxts, developed a real-time sports notification service that utilizes Zipwhips texting API at Seattle Sports Tech Hackathon. #sportstech #hackathon #sportxts #zipwhip

Jun 15, 4:01 PM

Stop by our booth at IIAT Conference & Trade Show in Fort Worth, Texas from June 15-17! Booth #910

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