Ziba Design

Ziba Design

Mar 10, 4:45 PM

Ziba''s Founder/Chief Creative Officer and Founder/CEO of Citifyd, Sohrab Vossoughi, immigrated to the US from Iran when he was 14. He shares his perspective on how #DiversityFuelsInnovation: My company Ziba is comprised of 18 nationalities and has, from the beginning, embraced the beauty of diversity and the richness of culture, language and perspectives.

Mar 9, 7:02 PM

We are incredibly fortunate to have had Henry here for 30 years! Congrats @chinster0_007 - there''s no better way to celebrate than with a giant Ziba donut. #zibadesign #bluedonut

Feb 27, 5:35 PM

Aderinsola Akintilo, a Ziba IXD designer from LasGidi (slang for Lagos), Nigeria shares his scope shifting perspective of how #DiversityFuelsInnovation : Diversity is the catalyst for innovation. Talking to people outside of the problem scope gives you unexpected insight. Diversity allows you to not only think outside the box, but jump outside the box completely.

Feb 9, 1:05 PM

Aura Aragon-Ball, Zibas Communication Design Director from Mexico City, shares her perspective on how #DiversityFuelsInnovation and creates community: When I started at Ziba I was excited because the culture was so diverse. I was working with people from multiple countries and it made me feel like I had come home. The culture provided the space and opportunity to bring out your uniqueness. It felt safe and open to work creatively because of the diverse environment. We are all transplants from other places trying to create a community. Ziba fosters that community.


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