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Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. (ZFS) is a diversified agribusiness and transportation company that serves the Midwest and Southeast United States as well as Asia. A third-generation family-owned and operated company based in Zeeland, Michigan, ZFS has over 200 employees and satellite offices in Jefferson, Wisconsin and De Soto, Georgia. Founded in 1950 as Meeuwsen Produce and Grain, the companys name changed to Zeeland Farm Services, Inc. in 1977. ZFS also does business under the company names Zeeland Farm Soya, Inc. and Zeeland Food Services, Inc. ZFS’ products and services include grain merchandising, feed ingredients, vegetable oil refining, a full-service elevator, ZFSelect soybean seeds, non-GMO soybean meal and oil, and Zoye branded soybean oils. 1. Toushek, Gary. “Zeeland Farm Services, a hill of soybeans.” The Manufacturer US. April 2007.
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