Jul 31, 8:04 PM

Meet our lovely #zestyRD , @heatherpavlik! What a QT pie! Besides working super hard for Zesty, heather also has a new podcast: @theramblingsisters , and a blog: www.heatherpavlik.com -where you can learn about things like #bonebroth basics & #marathon #training with #REALfood! #funfact: this girl HATES cilantro, and can''t eat anything that touches it! it totally tastes like soap to her . Aaaand she''s about to go to Alaska for the 3rd time this year. WHHHAAAA?!? She crazy. Fave Zesty meal? @souvlasf''s chicken #salad .

Jul 26, 8:12 PM

We served our 5 millionth meal this week - 500,000 lbs of which were #VEGETARIAN entrees! (check out our blog post, link in bio!) Our Director of Community, Service & Hospitality (& in-house #sommelier), @willdouillet, suggests pairing this #zucchini ROLLATINI from @dobbsferrysf with @sonomacoastvineyards #pinotnoir for your #winewednesday!!!

Jul 24, 8:27 PM

Today on the #zestynutritionblog, we celebrate...5 million Zesty meals served!!! #ZestyRD, @heatherpavlik, shares some #funfacts, like: number of pieces of #SUSHI served, most served restaurant (@bunmee) & highest rated restaurant (@sajjstreeteats)!!! (link in bio)

Jul 18, 4:27 PM

Meet Fabian, part of our wonderful #softwareengineer team! We''re so luckyto have all of our remote #engineers in the office this week!!! -- Fabian lives in Solms, #Germany . When he visits us in #SF, he loves to meet up with old friends, go on long walks in the city , trying to CLIMB every hill possible! You might find him at the #streetworkout park in the #marina. The #ZESTYmeal fabian most looks forward to is @creperiesg. #funfact: Fabian speaks Swedish, understands some Icelandic, and is currently learning Turkish!

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