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Jul 28, 3:08 PM

Our regular Friday office lunch had an extra cherry on top today.

Jul 28, 1:11 PM

Ali ""Gaumbaum"" Gaumnitz, a customer advocate team lead and manager, was the winner of this week''s kettlebell award. When she''s not handling escalations and helping the customer advocate team out with any- and everything, she loves baking and spending time with family and friends. She has an adorable daughter, Abby Lou, who just turned one and loves coming in to the office to play intern. Originally from Salt Lake City, Ali''s maiden name is Dingbaum. In junior high school, she campaigned for the position of student body president with the slogan, ""Don''t be a ding dong. Vote for Ali Dingbaum."" (Spoiler alert: She won.) In high school, Ali played volleyball. Her underhand serve earned the nickname The Dingbaum Drop. Fast-forward to college, and Ali became the ski team''s captain. Ironically, she didn''t know how to ski. Ali is determined to win the lottery, and we feel like we''ve all already won having her on our team.

Jul 23, 2:53 PM

Re-post from one of our partners: @tomcallos My other son, Keenan @keenancornelius, years before he became the funny, inspirational, powerhouse of a jiu-jitsu player he is today. Here we are in our studio in Hilo, Hawaii where I taught Taekwondo and what I was learning about jiu-jitsu. The mats we''re on we''re transported to The Penn Academy and they served many other martial artists for years. There was no BJJ on The Big Island before I put up a sign for training partners, answered by a then 17 year old BJ Penn. Good times and BJ, Keenan, and I get to bask in a little Hawaiian martial arts history. #jiujitsu #martialarts #martialart #bjjlifestyle #jiujitsu #jiujitsu4life #bjj @keenanonline #keenancornelius #bjj #jiujitsuforlife #hawaii #hawaiianlife #hawaiianhistory #bigisland #hilohawaii

Jul 22, 10:17 AM

@tellurideyogafestival studio owners, teachers and students - come join Zen Planner at @libertytelluride with Gina Caputo for drinks, apps, and fun giveaways tonight from 5:30 - 7:30pm. First 50 people in the door get sweet swag bags. See you there! @yoginiontheloose #TellurideYogaFestival

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