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Aug 28, 7:12 PM

Zen Planner had two @spartanrace teams compete this past weekend in Breckenridge, Colorado. Congrats to all the competitors for a great showing and for making it to work today despite your cuts, bruises and exhaustion. #spartanracebreckenridge

Aug 25, 4:17 PM

Nick ""Niko"" Deprez is Zen Planner''s goalie and the recipient of this week''s kettlebell award. While he does play hockey, he isn''t actually a goalie out on the ice. For Zen Planner, though, he makes more saves than we can count. As our Customer Retention Manager, Niko handles every cancellation that comes our way. We won''t inundate you with too many sports analogies, but this photo was taken at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Niko''s wife, Hope, gave him 30 laps around the Speedway in a stock car for his 30th birthday. His experience there parallels the way he approaches his life and work every day. When racing, everything has to be functioning at 100% efficiency. The driver and team who push together and come the closest to a perfect race will win. When obstacles arise, you need to find a way around them, and there''s always room for improvement. Whether it''s on the track, on the ice, or in the office, we know that Niko will always give it his all.

Aug 25, 1:52 PM

Friday feels with a lazy ""Mazee."" Feel free to explore this child''s pose modification with a yoga block pillow. #dogsofzenplanner

Aug 23, 5:14 PM

Our ""Zen Planner All Stars"" softball team won their championship game at 11pm last night. Congrats team!

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