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YuMe is a provider of digital video brand advertising. The company’s solutions for video advertising campaigns are targeted at both supply-side (websites, apps) and the demand-side customers (brands, agencies). YuMe is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with European headquarters in London and nine additional offices worldwide. Jayan Ramankutty had just came off of acquisition of Lara tech by Cypress Semi. and Empowertel by IP UNITY. Empower tel was voice over IP. He now thought of delivering video over the same. Jayan registered Yume as LLC.He knew Ayyappan who was from his home town back in India. Eventually Ayyapan joined him. Ayyappan knew Jayant Kadambi from his previous job and he brought him in the equation. Jayan made them equal partner thinking they will bring good energy and they became co- founders. Yume llc got converted into YUME inc. In 2006 investors came in and Jayant and Ayyappan took over the company. 2011, YuMe acquired Appealing Media, a mobile video advertising company. In early 2013, YuMe acquired Crowd Science, an audience targeting technology company, and on August 7, 2013, the company held its initial public offering. YuMe has products for both the supply side and the demand side of the digital video ecosystem. For the demand side, the Connected Audience Network offers brands a way to reach receptive audiences across video inventory running on any of the four connected screens (personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and connected TVs). On the supply side, the YuMe for Publishers suite of products offers digital media owners (publishers, app developers, and CE OEMs) an ad management platform that allows them to maximize their inventory monetization efforts across direct-sold, mediated, and YuMe-fulfilled ads.


Employees: 505
Market Cap: $129.7 million
Revenue: $160 million
5 Year Trend: 18.53 %
Net Income: $-7.7 million
Founded: 2004
Jobs at YuMe
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