Feb 24, 3:53 PM

Well, I know what we're snacking on in the office today! Thanks to the Xylem Gulf Coast office for the treats!

Jan 12, 1:43 AM

Nitrification is the most critical process at water resource recovery facilities (WRRF). Good process control keeps several factors in balance such that nitrification is achieved resulting in efficient removal of ammonia from treated effluent. On the other hand, without timely process monitoring it is hard to know the effectiveness of your process control decisions. The threat of an upset event which can lead to multiple non-compliance events is enough to keep Operators awake at night. https://www.ysi.com/ysi-blog/water-blogged-blog/2017/01/how-does-the-iq-sensornet-help-wastewater-operators-sleep-better-at-night

Nov 11, 1:55 PM

Thank you to ALL Veteran's who are actively serving, who have served in any capacity, and to those who lost their lives in service. We salute you, thank you, and honor you!!!

Oct 31, 3:10 PM

Happy Halloween! Hope you don't run into any scary water issues today.