Jul 27, 5:34 PM

What do weekly quizzes centered around user insights and data have in common with these here balloon animals? Not much. But they sure are fun to win.

Jul 21, 1:30 PM

It''s Take Your Dog to Work Day at the ol'' office. This Friday has been super ruff.

Jul 18, 6:26 PM

""When you are born into poverty, you have no choice but to look for the benefits of setbacks. No choice but to weigh the odds of survival. I know how to make a meal out of poetry. I have found shelter in paint brushes and canvases. I have grown accustomed to creating temporary homes ... The many struggles I have faced in my life have prepared me to fight for what I want. Searching for a place to call home enabled me to build a home within myself. And to someday help others to do the same."" Read more of Nykearra''s essay, along with those of our other winnerslink in bio.

Jul 14, 5:42 PM

Confidence? More like CANfidence. #noshame

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