Aug 22, 6:05 PM

Check those grammatical contractions at the door.

Aug 18, 1:59 PM

Another company party in the books, another set of Polaroids to grace the walls. #lastingmemories #onlyonepolaroidcopy

Aug 10, 6:26 PM

""In life: be present, be in the moment. And when it comes to careers: say ''yes'' with caveats, and ''no'' when you have a better solution. No one likes being shot down, it''s about the collaboration ... If I''m getting dragged down by the day-to-day, I try to find something that I can add or build that will energize me. For example, I''ve been looking into making the iOS apps more accessible - for both low vision and blind users."" -Ryan Jones (iOS Developer)

Jul 27, 5:34 PM

What do weekly quizzes centered around user insights and data have in common with these here balloon animals? Not much. But they sure are fun to win.

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