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Sep 28, 1:16 PM

Biomaterial-mediated delivery of blood vessel growth factors could be used as a therapeutic strategy to treat peripheral vascular disease. This image shows the injection of fluorescein encapsulated calcium cross-linked alginate hydrogels into saline solution. #Science #Harvard #Technology #Medicine

Sep 26, 4:41 PM

Imunohistochemistry showing spinal cord in a regenerating tail of a tadpole, from the laboratory of Wyss Associate Faculty member Michael Levin. Credit: Michael Levin. #Science #Harvard #Tufts

Sep 25, 1:40 PM

A team at the Wyss Institute has developed a DNA nanotechnology-based method that allows for repeated, non-destructive recording of uniquely barcoded molecular pairings, rendering a detailed view of their components and geometries. In the future, the approach could help researchers understand how changes in molecular complexes control biological processes in living cells. The study is published in Nature Communications. This image is from an animation that explains how Auto-cycling Proximity Recording works. #DNA #Science #Harvard #Technology

Sep 22, 1:10 PM

Today''s 8th Annual Wyss International Symposium focuses on innovations in Therapeutic Organ Engineering, with the goal of sharing recent advances in 3D organ engineering, materials fabrication, and vascular integration that are leading to new organ transplant and regenerative medicine approaches. We will be posting photos from the Symposium on Facebook throughout the day - stay tuned and follow us on Twitter for updates @ #WyssSympo