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WORK Labs is an award-winning advertising agency located in Richmond, Virginia. WORK Labs was founded by Cabell Harris in 1994 in Los Angeles, California as an advertising agency for other agencies. In 1995, WORK Labs relocated to Richmond, Virginia. The companys president and CEO is Cabell Harris. WORK Labs handles creative projects as a subcontractor to a wide range of advertising agencies such as TBWAChiatDay, the Martin Agency, Fallon McElligott, BBDO and Merkley Newman Harty. Through these agency relationships, WORK has done projects for name-brand clients such as The Hershey Company, Miller Lite , Exxon, British Petroleum, and Sears. In 1999, WORK was selected to join Ogilvy & Mathers “Syndicate,” a network of seven creatively-focused partnerships across the USA. In 2004, Cabell Harris launched WORK Brands, taking WORK-branded products to market. WORK branded products include WORK beer, books, tools, apparel, and office supplies. Within seven months of distribution, WORK Beer was named Main Street Beer Companys top-selling beer.