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The Woods Hole School is a historic school building at 24 School Street in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, United States within the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts. The school was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. It is a two-story wood-frame structure, with a gable roof capped by a two-stage cupola with belfry. A gabled two-story section projects to the front, with a shed-roof porch sheltering the entry to its side. It has trim bands extending around the building at the tops and bottoms of its windows. The building, the second school built on the site, was built as a two-room structure in 1870, and enlarged to four classrooms in 1885. In the summer, the Woods Hole School is the home of the Childrens School of Science. In the winter, the Woods Hole School is the home of the Woods Hole Daycare Cooperative.