Williams Auction

Williams Auction

Williams Auction

Mar 6, 5:46 PM

At the JLL Conference in San Diego? Stop by to see Fontana & Brian at the Williams & Williams booth!

Feb 23, 7:01 PM

Bidding Ends Tomorrow! US Marshals Service Seized Home in Newton, MS. Bid now at http://bit.ly/2lq7XAq

Feb 23, 3:01 PM

Pawhuska, OK commercial land auctions ending today! Bid Now at http://bit.ly/Paw2-23

Feb 22, 9:23 PM

In a pilot program designed to monetize unused industrial real estate, a series of Absolute Real Estate Auctions conducted by Williams & Williams for a global manufacturing and energy services firm achieved results 26% higher than their mid-range expected value. The results speak to the level of confidence Absolute vs Reserve auctions instill in the marketplace. Read more here http://bit.ly/2l9A2tb