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Jul 31, 1:19 PM

""Mondays can be unpredictable. Kids need you to be predictable in their unpredictable world."" Kellen Moore

Jul 30, 1:40 PM

""We overestimate what we can do in one year. We underestimate what God can do in one day."" Mark Batterson

Jul 29, 1:26 PM

""Trust that God is up to something bigger and greater than you can imagine."" from the book, Creating a Lead Small Culture

Jul 27, 0:22 PM

Its not too late to join Frank Bealer for a summer challenge to reclaim your time and your response to the inevitable and untimely exceptions that come with ministry, work, and life. (Think late night meetings, sick volunteers, or last-minute delays. Sound familiar?) . Through live video, Q&As, group conversation, and practical resources, you will develop a customized plan to better manage these situations, allowing you to focus on the people in your care. A healthy approach to ministry is available and its not just subject to where we work and who we work for. Ultimately, we can all take ownership in how we operate our lives. Frank will show you how. . [link in profile]

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