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In Frank Bealers The Myth of Balance, he shares his formula for handling the surprises that come with ministry, work, and life. He tells how his family manages things like late nights, work trips, and last-minute calendar additions. . But now hes taking it one step further. . What if you could have direct access to Frank? . What if he personally guided you through every chapter of the book? . What if you could ask your specific questionsand get answers? . What if there was a supportive community of other ministry leaders who are also trying to shift their mindset from IF to WHEN, and ultimately to HOW? . Guess whatits ALL happening! . Beginning July 10, Frank will lead a group of people through the book, and help them use his formula to create their own, custom plan for reclaiming their schedules. . AND YOURE INVITED! [link in profile]

Jun 27, 1:11 PM

""In order to believe in a good and creative God who loves them in spite of their mistakes and their mess, kids and teenagers need adults in their lives who will do the same."" Reggie Joiner

Jun 26, 1:01 PM

""What you do every week in a kid''s life will matter more than what you do for them as adults."" from the book, It''s Just A Phase

Jun 25, 1:49 PM

""Both the Church and the family are systems comprised of imperfect people. That''s why God desires to use them as a platform to tell His story of restoration and redemptio to the world."" Reggie Joiner

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