Aug 31, 2:33 PM

""God doesn''t use perfect pictures, He uses broken people."" Reggie Joiner

Aug 30, 2:23 PM

""If the church is going to win the hearts of the next generation, it must fight to connect every child with an adult who is eager to care, love, and share not just the gospel, but their life as well."" Reggie Joiner

Aug 29, 2:08 PM

""When we show up and make rules, we prove to kids that we care. When they break the rules and we show up anyway, we prove to them we still care. We prove to them they have worth, and we are committed to them even when it''s difficult, inconvenient, and messy."" Reggie Joiner

Aug 28, 2:58 PM

""God is at work telling a story of restoration and redemption through your family."" Reggie Joiner