Feb 7, 5:19 PM

Have you ever wanted to be in a WELLBEATS class? Well now is your chance! We are hosting LIVE auditions on Wednesday, February 22nd at our Maple Grove studio. If you are an accredited fitness professional looking to expand your career and you are located in the Minneapolis area, check out our website for more information and to RSVP! http://wellbeats.com/video-talent-search

Jan 30, 8:56 PM

Having a strong core and posterior chain are so important! Sitting all day can impact our back muscles and pull our posture forward. Strengthening your posterior chain can help prevent injury to other areas of your body as well as build overall body strength and speed. Try one of our Transitions classes today to strengthen up!

Jan 3, 7:47 PM

Happy New Years from WELLBEATS! What are your New Years resolutions this year?

Dec 6, 8:21 PM

Cardio isn't the only way to burn fat. To sustain muscle, it burns more calories, thus building muscle also helps fat loss! Try one of our Bar Strong classes today to work that muscle!