Jun 28, 1:26 PM

We are all ready at the Production Chemicals Optimization conference in Houston! Come visit us and learn more about how WellAware can help you reduce operating expenses, minimize downtime, and improve production!

Oct 28, 6:18 PM

We are staying busy at LAGCOE this week. If you are in Lafayette, please come visit us at booth A-29!

Jul 30, 7:32 PM

We are enjoying our time at the Production Chemical Optimization conference in Houston. Coming up next on the agenda: our very own Dave Milam, EVP of Product Management & Marketing, will be discussing how data can be turned into value, especially in a low price market.

Jan 28, 10:16 PM

We are enjoying our time at the Well Site Automation for Unconventional Oil & Gas forum this week! Come visit us for more information about the WellAware solution.