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Mojiva is a mobile advertising network for smartphones and tablet devices. The company is most well known for introducing an ad network tailored specifically for tablets, known as Mojiva Tab. The company’s two primary services the mobile media network (Mojiva) and the mobile advertisement serving platform (Mocean Mobile). Mojiva has raised a total of $42.3 million in venture funding. Mojiva launched in May 2008. The company was founded by Krish Arvapally, Dan Goikhman, and Miles Spencer. Dave Gwozdz, also a founding member of the ad network DoubleClick, is currently Mojiva’s CEO. In 2011, Mojiva created the “Mobile Creative Alliance”, a loose partnership of media companies that held nationwide presentations to spread the word about mobile advertising. Mojiva’s company headquarters are in New York City. Branch offices are located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago and London. The company claims to represent 8,000 digital publishers and app developers. Mojiva Tab is anticipated to reach 40 million tablet devices. As of late 2012, Mojiva had raised a total of $42.3 million in funding from a variety of sources. A funding round in July 2011 raised $25 million, while another round in late 2012 raised an additional $7 million. Primary investors include Bertelsmann Digital Media Ventures, Shamrock Capital Advisors and Pelion Venture Partners. Mojiva’s ad network serves both banner advertisements and interstitial (full screen). Analysts expect healthy growth of the mobile ad marketplace, with rich media mobile advertising to rise by 365% between 2012 and 2016. Prior to the 2012 Presidential Election, Mojiva conducted an informal study of smartphone users’ political orientations. The results of the study were made public on Mashable as an infographic. In another study published on Mashable, Mojiva learned the smartphone users were more likely to text than phone family and friends on New Year’s Eve.
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