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Web Thrift Store is an organization based in New York City that facilitates non-profit organizations to raise money through it. It was founded in 2011 by Doug Kurgman and Lynn Zises. Web Thrift Store was originally founded in 2011 by Doug Krugman and Lynn Zises in New York City. The stated goal of the company is to allow non-profit organizations to run online thrift stores without having to maintain inventory. Part of the reason the two founded the organization was to get people to donate things that they do not use in order to raise cash for non-profits. Items donated to the website earn money for charities. People who donate items through WebThriftStore receive tax deductions and can choose which charities they want to donate the money to. Web Thrift Store is partnered with multiple organizations. While the website began with a total of three partners, it grew to more than 30 (as of September 2014). It later had a total of 60 charities as of February 4, 2015. These organizations include (but are not limited to):