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Walker Parking Consultants

Walker Parking Consultants

May 2, 5:04 PM

Happy Hour and Trivia Night with our Walker Houston office!

Feb 24, 4:20 PM

Wishing a Happy #eweek2017 to all our fellow Engineers!

Feb 23, 10:55 AM

Happy Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day! Thank you Kathryn for sharing your passion for engineering #girlday2017 #eweek2017

Feb 22, 8:59 PM

We''re recognizing our engineers and their passion for engineering this week as we celebrate #EWeek2017 #EngineersWeek! Dan Johns, PE, tells us he loves ""Working with great people through the design process and ultimately seeing the design culminate into a beautiful building that serves the general public. My father was an engineer and I guess I was that apple that didnt fall very far from the tree. He had a way with his vision and working with people that resonated with me to pursue this occupation. I was always good at math and could see things in 3D before they were developed or designed. It is inspiring to see young engineers want to do what I love to do.""

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