Virginia Polytechnic InstState Univ

Virginia Polytechnic InstState Univ

Virginia Polytechnic InstState Univ

Mar 13, 4:21 PM

Spring break #UtProsim: students on a service trip with @vt_engage traveled to Hurley, Virginia, to help a local nonprofit with home repairs. #VirginiaTech

Mar 11, 4:11 PM

What do dogs talk about on FaceTime? ... ? ? ? Repost from @vtgrowley: ""FaceTiming one of my new friends over #springbreak ! His name is Sunshine. #vtcadetdog""

Mar 3, 2:27 PM

Im very proud to be here because my son went to school here. >> Wilbert Thurston has worked at job sites up and down the East Coast. None fills him with as much pride as working at Virginia Tech. Thurston is a skilled concrete mason (and Hokie parent) working on a maroon brick sidewalk that will make up the largest VT on the Blacksburg campus. He has been laying the concrete and maroon brick sidewalk that is bordered by Lane Hall, Pearson Hall, and the newest @vtcorpsofcadets residence hall and will eventually lead to a large flagpole. The maroon brick will form a giant VT that will be visible from Alumni Mall. #MeetAHokie #VirginiaTech #Hokies #Blacksburg

Mar 2, 2:44 PM

Spring is springing on campus. Come visit #VirginiaTech! @vtadmissions