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Viterra Inc. was a Canadian grain handling business, the nations largest grain handler, with its historic formative roots in prairie grain-handling co-ops, among them the iconic Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. Viterra Inc grew into a global agri-business with operations in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and China. Viterra operated three distinct, inter-related businesses: Grain Handling & Marketing, Agri-Products and Processing, enabling it to generate earnings at various points on the food production chain from field to the table. Following its $6.1-billion acquisition by Glencore International, on 1 January 2013 Viterra Inc was merged with Glencore purchaser, 8115222 Canada Inc. Viterras grain handling and marketing operations were located primarily in two of the worlds most fertile regions: Western Canada and South Australia. The company owns and operates grain terminals in Western Canada, along with 95% of the grain handling and storage facilities is South Australia. The company ships grain to markets worldwide.[citation needed] Viterra was also one of the largest agri-product retailiers in Canada, with a network of more than 250 retail locations throughout the Prairies. As part of this business, Viterra owns a 34% interest in Canadian Fertilizer Limited CFI, a large urea and ammonia plant.
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