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The virtual incumbent or quasi-incumbent is the candidate in an election who campaigns as though he or she currently holds the office being contested, though the actual incumbent is not running for re-election. Traditionally, the quasi-incumbent will be the nominee from the party of the sitting office-holder. In the 2008 U.S. presidential election, however, virtual incumbency was also determined less formally, either by the policies of the actual candidates or the state of the polls. Kevin Hassett used the idea in its traditional sense when discussing Ray Fairs model, which ties the incumbents party to the current state of the economy. In 2008, however, argued Hassett, The concept was used in a different way on Face the Nation on November 2, 2008 by Senator Lindsey Graham to describe Barack Obamas candidacy. In that case, the assumption was that the virtual incumbent, like an actual incumbent, would be held to a higher standard by the electorate, and would therefore be less likely to win in a tight race in a given state. This argument had been previously made by Dick Morris to suggest the likelihood that undecided voters would overwhelmingly vote for John McCain:


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Project Manager

Develop individual project plans complete with dependencies. Proactively identify and mitigate risks...

Posted 16 days ago

  •   5 - 7 years exp.  •  Government & Non-Profit

Technical Project Manager

Develop individual project plans complete with dependencies as well as human and technology resource...

Posted 38 days ago

  •   8 - 10 years exp.  •  Government & Non-Profit