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Village Health Works

Village Health Works

Jul 20, 9:58 AM

Check out the smiles (and new shoes) of our sewing cooperative members in Kigutu! The incredible people at @seastarbeachwear donated this bright, beautiful footwear to our campus. Thank you for #spreadinglove and #givingback!

Jun 6, 10:36 AM

Students from our ACCESS English-learning program read out loud to 4th grade students in our Saturday after-school program. A great way to practice English!

Jun 1, 0:23 PM

Over the last few weeks, community members as well as many of our Village Health Works staff members have worked very hard to improve the road to our clinic! We''re so grateful for the hard work and dedication of our VHW community.

May 4, 10:41 AM

Recently, we recruited and trained a new group of community health workers (CHWs). Now, we have 200 CHWs working in the communities near our campus in Kigutu. Our CHWs work very hard to identify people in their communities who are in need of medical consultations for prenatal care, malnutrition, emergency care, and a wide variety of other health conditions. They also work hard to provide their communities with knowledge about nutrition and maternal and child health. Here is a photo of our new CHWs getting trained before their first day on the job! #community #wherethereishealththereishope