May 22, 1:18 PM

We have three announcements today. The first clinical trial for PEC-Direct moves forward in the U.S. and Canada. Also, we have received $10M in financing, which includes a grant from JDRF.

May 16, 4:12 PM

At ViaCyte we remain fully committed to developing a cell therapy-based functional cure that could be used by all patients with T1D. We have received a couple questions following a recent post and we would like to help clarify a few points. We have been developing the PEC-Encap (formerly VC-01) and PEC-Direct product candidates in parallel. Both utilize our PEC-01 cells; they differ in the device used to deliver the cells. PEC-Encap completely encloses the PEC-01 cells using the Encaptra Cell Delivery System while PEC-Direct employs a device that allows access of blood vessels directly to the cells. Please see the schematic diagram for a comparison of the two product candidates. For a number of reasons we chose to proceed into the clinic with the PEC-Encap product first. We learned a great deal from the initial clinical evaluation of PEC-Encap, which we believe supports the promise of the approach. However, we also determined that modifications to the Encaptra Cell Delivery System are required to achieve more consistent and effective engraftment with PEC-Encap. To this end, we are hard at work seeking to make improvements and recently established a collaboration with W.L. Gore & Associates to assist with that important effort. The PEC-Direct product is being developed to address the urgent medical needs of people with high-risk T1D. The work with PEC-Encap informs the effort with PEC-Direct and vice versa. We assure you that the ViaCyte team remains committed to developing transformative therapies for all patients with T1D.

May 15, 10:40 PM

We caught up with Beyond Type 1 founder Nick Jonas at #BeyondLA last weekend. Thanks for all your support of #T1D research!

May 8, 10:43 PM

EP Vantage takes in inside look at ViaCyte's progress with our CEO, Paul Laikind. #T1D